You are all light! I’ve seen it! (a little excursus)

principia-mathmatica- Proof that 1+1=2

Is there more than light and darkness?
In quantum science thinking there are more than ones and zero, that no and yes, there is also a „maybe“, and maybe there is more than the quantum realistic thinking!
Are we all the light that wants to be enlightened?
Light is energy, and energy is matter, and that is life, and everything springs from love also life.
A saint once said everything was made of love, EVERYTHING!, (see also Isaiah 45: 7 „I make the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.“) (god is light/love) and God „beats“ (gives crises / life tasks) his beloved children in order to evolve, even evil was made of love!
In the bible is written that you have to „overcome“ (mistakes) (excuse yourself at god, etc.), if you have done something bad you can reincarnate to make it right again, but you can also act out of the spiritual world as angel or spirit to straighten out your mistakes!
You might wanna open your heart to the light not only your mind / consciousness (or vice versa) then you’ll understand it better!

 Hit the Lights

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