Expanded Perception and Expanded Consciousness, Spiritual Crisis and so called „Schizophrenia“

If out of an expanded perception, like hearing voices, having visions, and other expanded perceptions, and so through instructions from the otherworld, and through the influence of the own spirit (higher self), and so through informations out of higher consciousness realities, and maybe other incarnations, or future visions, and so through it intensifying the consciousness/mind/brain activity (which can also be achieved through other mind altering methods, like „drugs“ (also psychiatric), meditation or other practices), follows an expanded consciousness and maybe other spiritual conditions, like dissolving the ego or dissolving ego-boundaries and so relating everything to oneself, or maybe contemplating the meaning of life, and so follows a spiritual crisis if one is not prepared for such and can’t, because of the rationalized western mind, integrate it in ones world(view)/reality, and the person now wants to classify said perceptions and states of expanded consiousness into ones world(view)/reality with the help of available thoughtconstructs out of books (also fiction), (contemporary) music (lyrics), movies, other media and other information sources, and now mixes ones own altered state of consciousness and infos with the western worldview and said information sources, there might sure come a total spiritual trip, which psychiatrists call schizophrenia, but the least of the so called „patients“ have real pressure of suffering on the first trip, which only comes later through the repetativ mindsupressing sickness talk of psychiatrists and bad neurotoxic psychotropic psychiatric drugs.
Possible help on integrating the other world in to ones reality may come through classifying expanded perception and its infos, states of expanded consciousness and its infos, and other information sources (media etc.) into cathegories by thinking about/analyzing/differentiating and with the help of meditation and other selfcontrol techniques calming/grounding oneself, and other methods (see spiritualized psychos page).


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