A case against Neuroleptics


The psych doctors tell you that the active agent in neuroleptics need to build up a level over a few weeks, to suppress the symptoms though it is known that they enter the neuronal gap immediately shortly after the intake , and on my first „trip“ i came down without the help of neuroleptics but through talks with my friends and then girlfriend and with sex, hash and beer.
And now i surmise that the most help in mental wards is through other patients (supporting social contact overthe course of a few weeks), as i heard often and experienced also myself, and also my psych doc told me that the main function of nl’s is a dampening and numbing one and not an antipsychotic one (tranquilizer that suppoerts the positive social contact in wards)!

Here a few studies on the longterm outcomes with and without neuroleptics and the braindamage and life expectancy shortage it does:


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