What does actually count?

What does actually count in this „western“ money system, which they actually imposed on almost the whole world?
Does the human being count as maybe could be seen in some anthropozentric „philosophies“?
Actually, the human being is an objection to profit as seen in the profitization eg. of human care especially the medical business, that goes as far as sacrificing human life to profit of pharma, them producing in the long term deadly „meds“, or when amputation of limbs is more profitable then saving them and the meds business actually going for amputation and profit. Or seen in the sacrificng of health of people in industrialized work environments with performance orientated work ethics for profit, as probably already about 25% of population showing signs of „mental“ illness and a lot of people also becoming physically sick!
Does the animal count?
Look at industrialized mass livestockk farming with enormous suffering of animals, which is also only for profit!
Does the plant count?
Look at massive deforastation and the arbitrary burning of woods and other abuse of plants for profit!
Does mother earth count?
Arbitrary ripping up of mother earth as seen in building mines for profit!
Does God and the angels and the spiritual world count?
Actually if they would listen to word of god (eg. bibel) they should take care of creation and each other (Genesis 2,15 “God, the Lord, thus took the human and put him into the garden of Eden, therewith he cultivates and takes care [!] of it.”), but everything being destroyed for profit (s.a.), and churches actually amassing money with the word of god!
Actually in this western world nobody and nothing counts only the profits for a few!
And the 1%’ers actuall catching the rest of the world with the outlook on a possibility of being one of them!
The brutalization of the world for profit actually benefits a few, but in the end will also destroy themselves!

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