Healing Cognitive Dissonance


Cognitive Dissonance 


the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Dis-Ease starts in the mind…

By first clarifying what your thoughts & beliefs actually are (by quieting down, turning off the distractions a little more, and a little more & then actually listening to hear what you are actually thinking [aka Meditation]) and then aligning your external actions with them (ie. Walkin the Talk), you can help your mind & body’s natural state come back into balance and positive health. 

Example 1: if you believe killing is wrong and a sin yet you support war, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 2 : if you talk sweetly to someone you are thinking nasty thoughts about, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 3 : if you believe eating/drinking toxic foods is bad for you but eat them anyway, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 4: if you judge someone in thought as inferior due to class, race, gender, ethnicity or any other label, and also claim out loud or to your self that you believe in equality for all people, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 5: if you were indoctrinated by a dogmatic system of beliefs as a child that are next to impossible to adhere to in the modern world, and as an adult you continually „violate the rules“ your inner child was taught, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 6: if you are male and think you want a girlfriend who is chaste, pure, loyal, and like your grandmother was to you as a child, but you are addicted to porn and secretly consider all women to be whores, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 7: If you tell your kids they better not ever smoke, drink or do drugs, but you do (even if not in front of them), you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 8: if you think this world is a shitty place but you don’t make any effort to improve it, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Example 9: if your job is destroying the Earth and yet you believe you want to help the Earth because you love her/him/it, you have conflicting belief & action systems. 

Imagine a computer (ie. your body, which includes the brain and all other systems) with all its databases of varying messages/thoughts/remembered memories/unremembered memories/joys/traumas/etc. 

If you continually give that computer opposing orders on top of opposing orders, you eventually cause circuitry to be crossed…over time, enough wiring gets crossed, and soon small fires can begin burning out some of the systems (a heart attack here, allergies there, little stroke here, complete psychosis there);  eventual overload can occur. 

With the massive explosion of technology and the flooding of information about our neighbors eating habits, world communications of disasters AS they happen (911, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc), true historical accounts of genocide as opposed to „settlers“, conspiracy theories, opposing health information, better understanding of how world mythologies became modern religions, religious control, government control, Big Pharma’s casualties …etc, now flinging through the airwaves across all cultures, the result is (I think) a massive undercurrent of confusion in the human consciousness. That is why we are seeing such an increase in the epidemic of illness – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, etc.; unfortunately we, as a human race, are still clinging to worn out paradigms, world-views and limited perspectives, and are still treating the symptoms, not the root causes of the overall unrest. 

I am only sincerely trying to help with this post by sharing some of the insights I have had while working on some of my own psychological body/mind/spirit (what I call my own personal holy trinity 😇) rebalancing. Do not take any of these examples as necessarily applying to you personally, as they are just a drop in the ocean of potential belief systems around the world that many have. 

Please, if you start to notice these mixed qualities in yourself, (from my own perspective I saw about a quadrazillion within my own mind when I started really „look“ and „see“) do not despair…seeing can often be painful, bring up buried feelings of guilt, shame, trauma, etc. Always remember that you are a human being who has been conditioned since birth by people conditioned since birth by people conditioned since birth, (and possibly also over several lifetimes – who knows? Last I checked we still don’t have any solid evidence of what happens after we die).

Deep down at the core of your being YOU ARE LOVE and are loved by God, Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, your family, yourself, your cat, your inner child, your spouse, your mother, your kids, your father, Mother Nature, your highest self, the Angels…who/whatever you feel is an authentic source of goodness and light. You are not to be blamed, it’s not your „fault“ in any way, but once you recognize that you are a tad bit or even a whole lot „out of whack“, you’ll have to start doing the sometimes very difficult work to recreate the balance inherent within you, that innate balance that each and every one of us has at the core of our being and is definitely capable of achieving.

Then? Just do the work…figure out what you believe by starting to question yourself. Sometimes talking it out to yourself out loud helps one to slowly begin disentangling the opposing belief systems. Find the ones of most value, quality and most reflective of your highest self, and then just stick to it and start applying action to your choice beliefs with small changes….giving yourself a lot of time, forgiveness & unconditional love while doing so. If you choose not to, that’s okay, too…we all have the amazingly awesome gift of free will. 

8 billion blessings of balanced health to „All my friends“ 🙂

Jill S. Kesti

Human Being

Originally written May 20, 2015

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