Free Anarchy

Tonight I visited while „Dreaming“ a planet where they installed a planetwide free anarchy. I had an unknown never before have had strange feeling about this planet, there seemed to be not very much of the to me known love on this planet. They were not hostile beings (looking like humans) but didn’t seem to like to talk to strangers very much (they kept a respectful distance), until I met some people who knew my name and called me and which talked to me about their planet and told me that they have a free anarchy (I forgot the plantes name, it sounded something like Karnak as far as i remember) and asked me where I come from, i told them fromplanet earth and they seemed to be excited about that. They also told me people were living in tribal blood relations (clans), but otherwise seemed to keep the distance. A guy from the clan I met touched my groin and I asked if he likes that and he told me that he likes that, and since i just put away his hand nothing severe happened. They have something like police, at least the cars looked like police cars. A presence told me that you can do whatever you like, but you have to live with possible consequences (actio = reactio). They didn’t seem to have weapons. They also didn’t seem to have a religion or church houses. Also the goods were free, and only a few people seemed to work, e.g, a bar, which led me to the speculation that they have duplicators, where I took a cap from something that looked like a market stand but whithout the dealer, some were driving around with cars (seemingly without exhaust fumes, where one could think that they have QEG’s or similar technology!) where i also saw someone returning from a surftrip. I sniffed/smelled the cap and it smelled like a fabric I never smelled before and it was made out of something like an artificial fabric something like nylon but different. I also asked if they have spaceships so I could return to my planet, but the answer was unclear to me. I also saw an empty bar where no one was working and where I had the feeling that it was expected by the presence that I or somebody else who visited that bar was to suppose to work there for free, as long as possible. Actually I had the impression that it was all and all a very peaceful planet without money, if you behave nothing happens to you. The people didn’t look like punx or hippies, they looked like just the average guy from next door.
Conclusion: You have to behave on a planet with free anarchy.
Then I woke up.

Good night everybody!

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