WTF, the system capitalists earn money with our work, double and triple fold, and give us bread crumbs, on the cost of the poor and the third world countries, where, because of them, die every year about 8.8 million people.
Money! Where does the money come from (except that it is printed on paper), it is inflationary money which the banks earn on us, through interests of interests, and that comes from slave wage work, and the inflation is based on a ruthless distruction of the world orientated growth economy and society.
And they earn money buy selling us the goods we worked on!
The heavy work and money circulation system keeps itself alive, in order to keep us from evolving and thinking and doing meaningful work.
It goes as so far as the system is trying to make us beleive that such gainful work is meaningful!

I remeber where me and my family came from, Yougoslavia, it was a communist country but on the inside it was an ana/omnarchist society, where everybody helped each other out for free with work, but the host was always prepared to serve the working guests with food and wine, and exchange of goods and love!
If the shitty money wouldn‘ have had existed, Yougoslavia could have been a good rolemodel for a perfect society.
But it was destroyed by the evil western capitalist system!

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