CC, power, politics, money and blackmagic

When Carlos Castaneda was brought by his black magic teacher Don Juan on a high Mexican mountain and was given the (power over the) land as far as he could see because he loved Don Juan very much and subdued to Don Juan, isn’t that comparable to the Jesus and the devil story I wrote elsewhere, the devil being a necromancer and tempting Jesus with power over the world. (And Don Juan earning his money on the stock market. I wonder to whom he bowed down.) And like secret societies (eg free (!) masons) you have to go down on your knees in the initiaton ritual before the master or the statue of the beast (Baphomet), them being magicians for money and political power (over people), and a lot of high ranked people in politics, military business and the money business belongin to secret societies, eg Friedrich the great was a free mason, or a lot of American presidents where in the skull and bones order and eg Angela Jolie is with the illuminati.

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