Not everything that is possible should also be done!
Learn from your mistakes and from others mistakes!
E.g. GMO-Engineering for some purposes may be useful e.g. healing some sicknesses (where also must be pondered what a sickness is or what an evolutionary trait is [see schizophrenia]), but always take in consideration that it can also be harmful, see some GMO-Food causing cancer or maybe nature being the best designer and trying to create a masterrace when it is seen in bred dogs that they develop sicknesses.
You can always learn from your own mistakes or from others mistakes or compare problems with similar problems or try to think of possible negative future effects, e.g. you don’t have to become an heroin addict to know that it has bad side effects, or e.g. regard nuclear fission, where we should take in consideration, that one time the H2 reserves will be depleted.

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