Destruction for wisdoms sake?

Is it wise to destroy something to find out its purpose? I don’t think so! See particle colliders (black hole?) or maybe the dissection of living animals! Wouldn’t it be nicer if we could use something like an electromeagnetic quantum entanglement measurement apparatus like a tricorder in star trek? Or a gravitational waves radar? IOW science should think forward and „future“ test its ideas and inventions, eg fusion energy and its fuel source, water is also not infinitely available on this planet.

IOW is it wise to cast something out of ones mind/world (reductionist) to just find out later it has a pupose!

I got the poison, i got the remedy? Or in other words, is it neccessary to destroy something to prove that it is destroyable or it doesn’t or never existed? Or to make someone / something sick maybe even invent a sickness (GMO), just to prove that it is possible to sicken the related or that such a sickness exists. Or to stage a lie or a theft, just to propagate its „truth“ or to gaslight? The problem of lies and evil! Or is it neccessary to build a perfect hell to prove that it exists? And then afterwards you need to heal and repair and rebuild!

The ego! Sometimes you have to restrain yourself! Consideration for others and yourself should be important, nothing is seperate from each other, dreams watching each other narrowly, creation is fragile, some things are impossible…… infinity!

(A reminder: „Wer nicht hören will muß fühlen!“ ; „Who won’t listen, has to feel!“ German proverb )

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