Physical Energy

We received at birth only a certain amount of physical/organic/chi energy from spiritual mother earth/universe, our channeling parents at time of sex/conception, and from dear good god allmighty.
(Bible paraphrased: „God gave us a live like the lenght of a cubit…“ [and maybe only god or who knows who can take away or ad to that length of life])
So use your energies wisely.

Be also careful how you project your energies, try not to go haywire with your energies/projection, and try to control them, and maybe like the budhists say try some mindfulnes meditation for control of your thoughts/energies, and that you don’t lose to much of you energies at once to save them for your earthly mission, but if you maybe need some extra so ask dear good god or the universe/mother nature and eat and drink some.

Higher Vibration

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