Bible parphrased: „…you build it up, we gonna tear it down…“,
means if you gonna build up evil empires and the like (evil anything) we gonna tear it down, so you can try to build up evil as long as you like we gonna destroy it!



I read somewhere that psychiatrists knowledge initially derived from occult sciences. This shows itself especially in the choosing of the word “schizophrenia” for expanded states of consciousness, which means as far as I know “split of soul”, which in turn can be compared to the Peruvian shamanist view of a state of “lost little soul”, where  the patients lost their “little soul” because of accidents or other traumatic incidents. The psychiatrists in the former USSR called “schizophrenia” also the shaman’s disease.

Are so-called “schizophrenics” then shamans or witches, etc., who lost their “little soul” and are going, due to their powers, into other realities and search for their “little soul” and because of the combination of their “little soul” being lost and going into other realities are becoming a little “disoriented”?

Did the psychiatrists know of such, because of their connection to occultism, and the occultists inheriting such wisdom from witches, because the witches had to hide from the church (occult meaning hidden), but it was forgotten or not conveyed how to repair such a situation.

mountain-Gift of God

I personally know shamans/healers/witches who see and hear otherworldly stuff like God/Angels/Spirits/etc. and with the help of it heal sick persons.
Also, my Angels/Spirits told me that having visions and hearing voices is a gift from God.

So how come in the western world such gifts were pathologized as sickness?
Was it because of the churches witchhunt in fear of black magic and the lack of better explanations of unexplainable catastrophes/accidents/sicknesses, though also prophets had the gift of seeing and hearing, and in the following the witches and the like started hiding and couldn’t inherit their wisdom openly, and fewer people could be recruited, and so such wisdom also got forgotten by the majority, and through a rigid church and their rigid interpretation of creed, and in the following age of science, through the loss of that witches wisdom and the lack of better explanations and scientists being disappointed of the then present spirituality represented by the church, and because of that, a loss of spirituality occurred, science started to pathologize such states as madness, especially since some of the fellas had some kind of psychological strain because of their sensitivity, and these fellas had not the wisdom of the witches how to handle such states of consciousness.

Now in the vicinity of a paradigm change, because of the findings of quantum physics and through reemerging spirituality, and reacknowledging millennia-old wisdom, this pathologizing could or better should come to an end.

This recipe contains the following:

Passion Flower leaves (Passiflora folium) (1 Portion)
Garden Angelica root (Angelica archangelica radix) (1 Portion)
Burdock fruits (Arctium fructis) (1 Portion)

If your heart is weakend through years long high blood pressure also add:

Hawthorn herb and flowers (Crataegus herba et flores) (1 Portion)

(the portions resemble parts of the whole amount of mixed tea)

If the high blood pressure is very accute and you are suffering from it, eat

one (1) clove of white garlic (!).

Drink that tea as you feel the need.

The concept of the free (!) market (it actually means you can do what you like) is based on irrationality, as it can be seen in the capitalists manipulating and pushing governments and the customers (market) from hemp fibers/paper, which are more ecological, because hemp don’t need no 30 years of growth, to cellulose(tree) paper and artificial fibers like nylon, which caused a lot of ecological poisoning.
It can be also now seen as in paying for negative (!) interests!
Or as it is seen here in germany the pharma industry lobbyists threatening the politicians not to publish a medicine negative list, which actually worked out for pharma!

The Fruits and the herb can be used in regenerating destroyed liver cells.
It is used for liver and gallbladder ailments as well as cramprelieving and gallsecretion enhancement purposes. Further on it can be used with indigestion.

Milk thistle has a certain importance as an antidote to amatoxin poisoning (the poison of the tuber agarics); Silymarin is said to competitively inhibit the uptake of the toxin in the liver cells.

The burdock root drug is used for sweat and urine driving purposes, it is blood cleansing, and enhances gall secretion. So it is used for ailments of the stomach-colon and liver-gallbladder area. It is also used for rheumatism and skinailments, abscess‘, blemished skin,wound healing and uterine prolapse.
Burdock root oil is used for rheumatism, dandruff and hairloss.
The tea of the fruit can be drunk against high blood pressure.