Connection between money/capitlism, politics, psychiatry and fascistoid democracy

Can there be seen a connection between money/capitalism, as they let us work that we slve for some little money and at the moment the „mentally ill“ are estimated by about 46,93% of the world population by psychiatry,
and psychiatry selecting the „weak/sickgotten“ (sensitive) people out of the herd, and with their psychopharmakas shortening their lifespan, and rebuilding us to „human beings“ (lovehatepeople) humans (but if we cannot stand the trial we are killed by the motherfucking biggest warkrickkrack machine ever),
and politics „supporting“ all that by building nursing homes, workplaces for the disabled (though bacause of the neurotoxins you actually are „loving“ to work), and psychiatries and forensic psychiatries (unexpected or violent behaviour through neuroleptica) to help us?

Is this some kind of fascistoid democratic agenda to help to kill the sensitive and build a masterrace?

Robert Smrdelj!

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