Bay tree (Grecian laurel) / Echter Lorbeer / Lovor / Navadni lovor / lauro / L’alloro / Laurier vrai (Laurus nobilis)

The leaves, rarely the fruits, are used for appetite and digestion enhancing means.
The Oil of the fruits is used for rheumatism, furuncles and as an insect repellent and antiparasiticum.
The oil is also used for outer applications as for contusions, sprains and hematomas.

The grecian laurel also leads to trance and altered consciousness when consumed in large quantities.

It is believed that the visions of the priestesses of the oracle of Delphi were influenced by the enjoyment of laurel. In the Middle Ages, laurel was used as a cure for the plague. Laurel also had a reputation for protection from magic and fire.

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