there are strange things happening.
I seen male nurses becoming doctors.
What is going on there?
I seen at least 2 male former nurses being doctors, and when i asked one of them if he hadn’t been prior to that a nurse he, denied it!
And a supposed doctor by our patients guessed as being fake, because we could see through her and because of her maltreatment of patients and not knowing the simplest medicinal facts, as e.g. treating a parkinson patient like a „schizophrenic“ with neurolepticas and so worsening his condition and being evil and concentrating noncompliant patients in (closed) nursing homes.

You guess what’s going on there!

If according to near-death-experiencers, the evolutionary step from ape to human beings was made through human souls influencing the ape creatures and merging with them, is the next step in evolution if according to NDE’ers and my own experience angels are guiding our paths, the step to loving angelic beings (unconditional love) and merge with them, and them agape angels help and love everywhere, and then further to energetic god-like infinite beings?

A Delusion or misperception of Reality is defined by psychiatry and psychology as being stuck in one special alternate reality, and so defined as being a sickness or schizophrenia!
So if you look at normal regular people, them only perceiving the everyday reality, could that be seen as being delusional and sick or schizophrenic?

You guess,
Rainbowguardian and Baba Ram Dass!