Psychiatric Industry


The relativist reactionary rationalised reductionist Psychiatry Industry is building nursing homes, workplaces for disabled and massiv psychiatry / prisons.
They are secretely changing their definitions of soul (psyche) illnesses, from what was once psychosis (sickness of soul) with their subclasses of schizotypal and depressiv and who knows what kind of psychosis, to schizophrenia being psychosis, to the newest shit, namely that psychosis is no sickness for itself but, with its subclasses (secretely backchanged), a subclass of something total grand, so that as i read from them, that they with that defined about 49,6% of the world population as psychical sick and as Andrej Szulkis, i posted elswhere, surmised the psychiatry industry with ties to politics is enslaving/incarcerating in their psychiatry KZ’s with psychotropic meds and other means a big part of humanity to propagate their ideal of the DIN-Norm (masterrace/robot) human!

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    1. The original latin meaning comes from the first word „psyche“ meaning soul and the second word „-is“ meaning sickness as in sinusitis meaning sicknes of the sinuses („nose“). But if you see it from a „psychos“ point of view it transscribed means giving life 🙂


    1. Firstly I don’t call it psychosis i call it and that would be the answer to your question „spiritual trip“ as i posted elswhere. In the Dao, yin, yang sense there are two classes which is positiv and negativ, which you can of course divide in subclassess of sad, anxious etc and blissful or awe-ful.


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