There is something like psychical sickness (psychosis)

It is like injecting LSD and Glianimon (The worst Neuroleptic) at the same time, or having massive Traumas and Paranoia and fear of annihilation and detruction of your Self and ingesting Spice and Neurolepticas at the same time and massive Energy- and evil deamon- attacks and black magic attacks and scalar weapon attacks, this feels like tearing appart or loosing the Aura or worse total annihilation of body and soul and spirit and mind that leads to infinit psychical pain…..
This is what I call a psychical sickness or psychical emergency and not what (about 95% of the content) is described as psychical sickness in the DSM-V!!!!!
That’s what Psychiatries (Sanatoriums as it should be) are or should be for!!!!

I experienced that shit!

May God help us all!!!

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