Society and “Psychosis”

Society and “Psychosis”

So is the polarity and the possible out of it following being-torn-between the identification-based poles of a human being, the one pole, the longing for self-developement, self-fulfillment and self-awareness (enlightenment), derived from an evolutionary relevant ego (survival instinct), that remained in some as some lower levels of degenerative ego states of un-awareness (wild animal me), because of simply refusing or not-recognizing other life-concept-possibilities, than the ego centeredness, and the other pole, a longing for an identification with a greater purpose, community or maybe a unified consciousness (spiritualized cosmic mind consciousness), another evolutionary concept (herd/group instinct), a possible source for the psychical disease of human beings, as a part of sick societies, or a so-called “schizophrenic society” in a mass „psychosis“ (trauma through being-torn-between the identification-based poles = loss of spirit) (meditation and prayer is the key to know what to do at the right time).

Society and “Psychosis”

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