Some Dreamtravelling I had

One Dream I had was, when I dreamtravelled to another Multiverse, where there were growing massive amounts of mushrooms on the lawns and they had schools, but taught total different physics than in this Multiverse.

Another Dream I had was, where I travelled to a Universe, where they didn’t understand the word or the concept of God, or didn’t know about God.

An important Dream was also, when I dreamtravelled to a Parallel Universe, where I asked the people there who built all that buildings, and they answered it was Adolf Hitler, and from which I concluded that It was a parallel Universe where Adi won the war and built all that stuff, but I always hope it is a Parallel Universe where he didn’t gas all the people he did here!
(The angels told me right now, that in that parallel universe, he neither gased people nor started an attack war)

I also travelled to a world, where they let me read a book about the there living birds and it was titled „Birds of Middle-earth“!

My most important Dreamtravell was a higher dimension(?) or future earth(?) or another planet(?), but I can’t tell since I merely saw a repli-/duplicator, a machine the size of a smaller printer, repli-/dupliciate a pair of Jeans, which had a vibrating energy feeling, like maybe a soft electricity, when I touched them and thean put them on!
(First during dreaming i thought it was a beaming device that transported some washed Jeans from a washing facility to that home I was in, but later while awake a presence let me know what it really was!)

Plenty for All

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