God, eternity/infinity and the immortal astral light

oracle girl God, eternity/infinity and the immortal astral light

In my encounter/vision with/of God, i was revealed, that god put its light (which is also love) into everybody and (later i learned also in) everything that was created.
So in the light of eternity/infinity, is there something like the highest/god, or is everything equally precious, and therefore the saint as equal as the sinner as equal as the germ as equal as god?

Though in this light, everything is also special, because of the light of god, spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and some darkness, that through re/incarnations was laid upon us through the Tao/Jehovah (the jealous creator god of this universe, that was conceived through Sophie goddess of light and wisdom and the darkness [see gnosis]), so that everything is only distinguishable through its karma, its spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and the special missions that everybody/the all-and-all has towards enlightenment of the darkness, that doesn’t seem to exist because it is supposedly maya (even in the darkest dark, there can be found some shimmering light even if it may not be perceived), and that the all-and-all gets enlightened by love and light.
Is it like the Hindus say, that God is dancing an eternal dance with itself to enlighten itself?

Is astral eternity/infinity equal to god equal to the immortal astral light?

Sin’s A God Man’s Brother

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