Young Blood, Age Reversing and my own Experiences

What science now found out, namely that young blood keeps one young (see video), secret societies new for a little bit longer time, and me also thinks that they also shot it up, when i regard my own experiences with myself having visions and thoughts of psychiatrists shooting up my blood (prior to knowing of the secret societies doing so) for power, strength, youth and spiritual/psychedelic insight, regarding also that some psychiatrists are free(!)masons and my blood having above normal levels (forensically relevant) of endogen opiats, cannabinoids, amphetamins etc. prooved in pisstests me knowing i hadn’t in the vicinity (years) contact with such drugs.
The high levels of endogen „drugs“ could also be an indicator for a natural psychedelic/spirtual state of consciousness leading to voices, visions etc. combined with a maybe existing spiritual double quantumentanglement neurotransmitter info transfer and could indicate some exceptional states of consciousnes.


How young blood might help reverse aging.

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