Is God evil or crazy or whom to trust

Regard Bibel: „God created humans in the image/likeness of God“, this saying that God has also evil aspects, consider Isaiah, paraphrased: „I create evil and good“, and also consider nde’ers insights that god wants no slaves and also seemingly everybody is doing whatever they like regarding contradicting information in the media, also maybe existance of love heaven or hells or love multiverses or hell multiverses, and Isaac newton saying what we know is a drop in the ocean of what we don’t know, meaning there could exist totally different realities than this dual/ nondual multivers.
So considering of free will and the likeness to god (it does what it wants), one could conclude do whatever you like and walk your path, but also consider that there seem to be some cosmic laws that also apply to the freedom path, of what you reap is what you saw or others.
Also maybe being an insight, that people make it more difficult for themselves than it ought to be, seeking perfection and so love from a higher „being“ or community, being maybe a part of their personality, but in that case forgetting their own intuitivity and mind and experiences, than one might consider a wholesome or holistic approach to life a good path or i as i learned to know and what we were always saying while smoking hash „Rauchen wir eine gute Mischung“ „Let’s smoke a good mix“!

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