Narcissism and the problem of selflove or hate

The legend of narciss and of his love to himself and out of it following the tate of narcissm, in my opinion is in our times being a little bit distorted or overexagerated, to that point that selflove is considered as negative, maybe being of the fact that some of the girls being hurt by narcissists.
But on the other hand some people being „selfrighteous“ and judging and condemning other people for their traits or totally denying these traits though they are inherent and show themselves in special occasions this also being a symptom of the system called lack of selfreflection, or because of them having also these traits, but not loving themselves for it.
This can be for example seen in the condemning of threats of violence of fascist trolls but on the other hand threatening people with violence for example seen in the case of pedophiles, or maybe also the lacking of forgiveness and other such.
So one could say that fascists are just a mirror of the mainstream, with the exception that they are rightwingers. (Ton Steine Scherben: „Du bist nicht besser als der neben dir“)
So to be/stay healthy maybe find some compromiss in selflove and extreme narcissm and selfhate (maybe not being of „edification“) in that case of selflove leading to love for others and the ideology of reducing suffering of beings.

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