Quantumrelativity of Light and Black Holes

If black holes have the power of or better mass to capture light/waves because maybe of their relativistic mass, maybe some of that light particles are turned to mass therefor lightspeed equals zero, or as seen in the phenomena that some light leaves the black holes, and one maybe could relate that to particles or waves being accelerated and/or lossing mass (cosmic paradoxon?) to get the property of leaving the gravitational field of the black hole.
(I had also the spiritualized info that maybe black holes are portals to other dimensions or multiverses or astral plains o that maybe such light leaving black holes could be of otherworldly composition or plane of existance with different propertoies),
maybe regarding in acceleretion of objects circling a mass and through some king of mysterious active force being accelerated (holographic principle: when you take an object and hold in front of you and you spin yourself in a circle and so the object gets accelerate and gaining speed when you let hold of it) despite maybe the quantumstate of light waves/particles.
And so maybe lightwaves have some quantum relatvivity.

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