Silent Knowledge, Lores of Old, Core of Knowledge and Witches Knowledge Heritage

There seems to exist something like silent Knowledge, something that is of truth in this reality (or maybe in some other reality), that you intuitively know and are sure that it is of truth deep down inside yourself (silent!).
Maybe also seen in the truth that all (maybe in rare cases that it also doesn’t apply for all stories, truth of words, yin yang principle) or most Lores of old (maybe even conspiracy theories) contain a core of wisdom sometimes transfiguered and/or encrypted, truth or knowledge, which I learned in school and that you also for yourself can verify, just research.
Or it is seen in the fact that prior to the scientifical insight, that young blood injected into your body keeps you young, i had the thought/feeling/vision that psychiatrist shoot up my blood for its properties (see other post).
In the case of Carlos Castanedas books it is, that a witch told me that they are only halftruths (and as i surmise stolen wisdon from multiple sources, especially from „psychos“, since he worked in a looneybin and my mom asking me, if that that wisdom comes from a „patient“, me telling her a story), which i can confirm, that on some occasion I Knew(!) that if i would jump of a certain mountain, me seeing my astral body at the bottom of the canyon/gorge, and knowing that i would have landed there, my astralbody being some kind of „jumping/landingpoint“ (magnet), without dying or hurting myself.
Or me smoking hash and reading the bible, knowing it being of truth.
Though as a disclaimer (posibility of death), that is not advised for everybody (also in other cases like lovelightfood), since everybody is different, and has different gifts or lack of talents or physiology or supernaturality, or must be trained as such, and also see prior.
To this day and age, wisdom of old, or as it is wisdom of western witches, especially here in germany, seems to be still available/has probably survived in proverbs of people, eg „Ich hab die Schnauze voll“, which means „i had it up to here“ (literally „my mouth/nose is full“), which can be probably regarded as meaning having a cold (nose is full) that seems to stem from the psychospiritual state of getting sick from too much problems and/or stress (also english „up to here“ probably nose), see also autogenoustraing/meditation on health, and the spiritualized science finding of stress affecting the immune system!
(never forget the holographic principle, but also the fecundity principle, that some might be totally different than the majority, this should be also taken in consideration when it comes to desisions of life and death (maybe political or whatever), them not being a signpost for majorities wellbeing, but them should be considered in a special context, also a seen in the saying „Nicht alles über einen Kamm scheren“ meaning don’t apply a rule or law absolutely strict in the same toughness for everybody).
Back to silent truth.
How can that be obtained?
Buddhist monks or such recommend a meditation in order to quieten ones mind (silent knowledge!) and receive wisdom from the cosmic mind.
Or as I found out, and that is also written in CC`s books, that drugs can lead you to silent knowledge, as it is claimed that they quieten ones mind to receive information (see above).
As an example for silent knowledge or truth, in one occasion in the looneybin a friend showed my his scetch of a superiour cpu, resembling the (western) eye of god with 3 cathodes(?) coming in from the sides of that triangle (no touching each other), and me knowing that being of truth (of some kind) and later i learned about the quantum computers 3 states of information, and i immediatley remeberd my friend and knew that my friend had „Insights“ of some kind also the possible fact that god created the universe (see science page) and so the quantum computer being closer to the source (eye of god).
(I also have the compelling feeling that analogous technology shouldn’t be cast out of ones mind, especially tubetransistors, since it is an integral part of the dual/nondual aspect of the universe, and maybe such techmology can be combined with digital techmology.
Eg analogous vinyl records being superior to digital recordings, regarding the depth of sound)
At the moment i have no insights/example of sciences side/counterpart of reality regarding silent truth, but maybe somebody has some idea or knows of such examples and could enlighten me?
Now one could discuss if meditation is more favourable than the use of drugs, since some drugs also cause harm, and as some say and that might be reliable, that you should adopt the pace of nature, meditation being more natural, but at this point of history and regarding the worldsituation, humanity has to find answers quick and as drugs are some kind of shortcut (meditation needs a lot of practicetime) immediately leading you to silent truth.

Love and Greetings,

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