Krishna and the Dao

As Krishna is seen as the highest personality of god and therefor contains every aspect of the multiverse, it also contains every aspect of humans and therefor also love and hate, so how can you judge or favor one over the other or saying love being better than hate, but looking from master buddhas viewpoint of deminishing suffering as a form of grace from a higher principle, as suffering is programmed for some reason into us to not be desirable, but on the other hand the principle of a high authority and our whish to honor her, can also be reflected in the human aspect of it being in the Führercult.
One might not forget that there seems to be dimenions or universes of evil for whatever reason they might exist.
So why not give the nazis their „neuschwabenland“ and let them have their king as long as they don’t hurt others, out of the principle „what you don’t want to be done to you, don’t do unto others“, or maybe look at some songs lyrics that say „you are not better then the next to you“, or from a principle of the creator god of this universe maybe having faults, see gnosis, so one also has to explore the darkness of maybe being of fault or not, or maybe it is as some masters say that everything’s fine, so that might be a dao principle everythings fine and/or there are some faults to be explored, maybe also looking at some possibility of the dao of holochaust, though the dao might not be applyed to all aspects of the universe, though there’s principle of „the thoughts are free“, that might also go for the principle of „everythings got a core of truth“, but also see dao, some thoughts might not be of truth.
When you also look at some very sensitive people becoming authorities and them not being able to control their feelings or their ego or worse fall into the trap of abuse of power over people as it is fore most humanity difficult to resist. Such people could easily be victims of society as they are sensitive in a ruthless world, one might think that „ripe“ persons might be a better choice for authority positions because one might think their life experience makes them more capable.
But you could also apply mindfullness meditation to get that all under control.
Or just look at the feeling of prejudice of people giving you labels and not differnciating it might be very sad thing to be labeld maybe as a conspiracy theorist though you just are a free thinker, but the ir/rational side of god might create anarchsists which don’t want to be commanded as well as total different personalities of fathomlessness, and out of it following untenable conspiracy theories or something like DADAism.
The Dao or multifacettedness might also apply to Transhumanism as genemanupilations might have unforseeable consequences in the search for a masterrace.

For what it is worth?!

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