Musings on a Reality a Dialogue

I tend more towards the priest of light to heal me rather than the scientists, that is more like my natural for the mystical.

Yes, I have had very bad experiences with the purely rationalistic reductionist way of science (as it prevails and is propagated), but I do not completely reject science.

Of course, you can now discuss what came first, the spiritual world, i.e. the magician from atlantis, or the material world, i.e. the scientist, or if you looked at the beginnings, the amoeba or the unicellular organism, did they have a kind of spirituality, you should also in this context do not lose sight of the near death experiences of some people and thus the reality of a supernatural world that is superior to the material one.

Yes there are many advantages of technical science but spirituality then produces something like love, which is also not to be despised.

Or better i do not want to be one-sided.

If you now took the good from both sides and left out the bad, that would be pretty cool.

Possibly the future is ONLY good, as i had such thoughts, and you only have the witness documents of this Kali Age to remind you of the possibility of evil.

But i still don’t understand why some people are evil even in the face of truth, can you explain that to me?

The problem is the truth in itself … what is the truth? Not that easy to answer. And I have given up understanding others, I’m happy when I understand myself.

Well, truth is what has been proven in this reality / universe, there are some basic principles, for example, suffering and joy are such and different things can be concluded from this, I am quite convinced of the truth that I can feel joy

I should at least be able to assume that I exist, at least I exist.

I also assume that others exist, otherwise I couln’t smoke the joint that I smoke or maybe I’m just unconscious about the fact that I grew it myself, well the head is big

But if you start from a philosophical thought experiment that I am the last survivor of a multiverse and have connected to a virtual reality with my brain, well you can do it, but you can also think that it is exactly the other way around, you never know but the voices say I should stop otherwise I won’t feel well again.

But purely theoretically, if I have had such a highly developed technology that everything looks so real, it is also possible that this technology is able to create a „real“ multiverse with real souls, but maybe not.

lol karma struck, I fucked myself in the head or was that you?

But if I assume that I am the only one, I should have been smart enough to create a paradisiacal universe for myself, if I of the kin that I am absolutely not into pain, will now skip the intermediate thoughtsteps, and assume that you also exist. .

I do think our existance cannot be proven 100%, there is still the possibility that we are just a dream of a „god“ and when he wakes up the dream is over and we no longer exist, well as I said the head is big but on the other hand there could be a „god“ who is forever awake and whose thoughts we are, so well the head is big.

Well the philosophical thought experiment derives from an experience where I used a „gray magic“ technique and then the universe ceased to exist and only a house and a spaceship could be seen!

Well but maybe I’m just a hologram and the holopojector only had a small dropout but I noticed the whole thing through an error in the program.

My voices have just clarified that it was just another dimension which I entered, and mother earth just told me that at that time she was there, she existed and continues to exist, well regarding the actio = reactio principle thoughts should take their origin somewhere and the thought of an omnipotent god comes in handy when it comes to my fears.

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