It is like injecting LSD and Glianimon (The worst Neuroleptic) at the same time, or having massive Traumas and Paranoia and fear of annihilation and detruction of your Self and ingesting Spice and Neurolepticas at the same time and massive Energy- and evil deamon- attacks and black magic attacks and scalar weapon attacks, this feels like tearing appart or loosing the Aura or worse total annihilation of body and soul and spirit and mind that leads to infinit psychical pain…..
This is what I call a psychical sickness or psychical emergency and not what (about 95% of the content) is described as psychical sickness in the DSM-V!!!!!
That’s what Psychiatries (Sanatoriums as it should be) are or should be for!!!!

I experienced that shit!

May God help us all!!!

he/she/it intervenes and answers, as I experienced when I was 17years old, being a little tipsy, sitting on a swing at night with some friends and thinking to myself and the universe „There must be something more (than this)“, which lead to the fantastic „horrific“ adventure my life wasiswarzbeinzis and immediately kind of ripping me open on the back, as a sign that god heard me!

holy diver

The song I heard from a music store when I was sitting on in Oaxaca Mexico on a park bench after I saw the devil on a mushroom session with a shaman which reminded me of my grandmother, and in the song there’s the stabbing of the beast mentioned (synchronicity), and because of that i started to relate everything to myself and I was so scared to have had now gone crazy.

Hotel California

Es war einmal ein Kind das sprang geschwind in den Tunnel hinein und kam zur Welt im Sonnenschein…

Es liebte seine Eltern sehr und gab sie nie mehr her… Er vergab ihnen ihre Sünden und sprach in vielen Münden und zwischen durch und hinterher ereignete sich sehr viel Gescherr…..

To be continued