Beeten ist besser als Table(e)t(t)en, und Liebe ist die stärkste Kraft und gute Musik hebt den Geist, und alle drei zusammen ist die perfekte Medizin! (Man kann natürlich noch Psychedelika dazu nehmen um es noch perfekter zu machen!) Praying is better then Pills, and Love is the strongest force and good Musiklifts the Spirit, and all three together is a perfect Medicine! (You can of course also take psychedelics to make it even more Perfect!)

That’s No fucking joke!

Today i had massiv agressiv visions and voices attacks through V2K machines! First i thought that it was a black sorcerer, but they don't seem to want to fight anymore, so i went outside the house and looked around for the source, when i saw a car from where i sensed the source comming from. A guy stood some 5 meters away from the car. As i approched them both, the guy did as he wanted to visit someone in te near house and stood in front of this house. So I returned to my house not knowin what to do, but I somehow knew that this guy was the owner of the car. After some thinking what to do, i looked a bit in the internet and had he idea to write down the registration of the car and to research to whom it belongs! Suddenly i started to feel better, and went outside around the corner where the car was in order to write down the registration plate number, but oh, what a surprise the car and the guy were gone! So people whatch out for visions and voices if they are extremely bad or going extremely in the other direction, e.g. selfagrandization etc., the technology for Voice/Vision/Feeling to Skull and Heart is already in use. (So if you're going to search for sources of attacks always be calm, wear a knife with you and ONLY for selfdefense use that knife.) So i surmize as QEG-Machines are existing that already also Repli/-Duplicvators are existing as i felt the vibrating energyvibration i first experienced in my dreamtravel to the future(?) where i saw a machine replicate a jeans and touched it, on a Twix i bought here! So these motherfockers already lettin us do true slave work!

Grandfather speaks

Grandfather speaks

Grandfather speaks: "In live exist sadness as well as joy, loss as well as gain, fail as well as passing, hunger as well as abundance, the good as well as the evil. I don't say that, that you despair, but to show you the reality. Life is a journey, which is undertaken sometimes in the light and sometimes in the shadow. (American indigenous proverb)


Shiva destroyed you so you can see what is supposed to be beer will make you high so you can feel free and try to fly on the wings of passion and goodwill but beware of the enemy it sneaks behind a blind man's fear and fights you till there's left no more it wants no peace fighting is its passion war of mind and heart is its possession try to live peacefully and don't be no warrior smoke some splif like the teacher told ya It's a real man a voice told me but the path to peace and love is binding him towards possessions Is freedom achieved through peace he asked and the gods answered him did you look inside yourself the answer lies so close at hand deep in the forest, he wants a man that leads him to light and love and death and peace and life again yin and yang he said is free will as it is on earth you choose where you want to go what you have to learn is that no one ever enlightens you if you don't ask because there are no stupid questions just answers that want to be responded your loving heart your spiritual mind your hearing ears your talking lips your seeing eyes and your beautiful self are good in your lovin' hearts face some should be your guides to the goal that you defied healing through hands needs a heart like this

The Void and Infinity


If the nothing – nothingness is the void or the nonexistence of everything (!) possible and impossible, also the nonexistence of time, space, matter, energy, life and all its principles even false vacuums and all abstract/thoughtforms and the concept of the almighty god and eternity/infinity and so the possible nonexistence of anything (!) ever (!) existing in the past, the now and the future (see time), and also the nonexistence of the notion, the definition, the concept and the nothingness itself, so that absolutely nothing exists, neither the observer of this multiverse, nor the multiverse, nor nothingness, not even thoughts about or the presence of anything including the nothing/ness, the multiverse, science, spirit/uality, the abstract and the concept of the almighty itself and eternity/infinity. But as we experience ourselves, the existence of something, our thoughts, fantasies, feelings, dreams and perceptions, wich through the connection of everything in this multiverse through different means (quantum entanglement, electromagnetic induction, gravitational waves, atomic power, air, water, food and the sunlight we share), points therefore to the opposit of total nothingness, the possible existence of eternity/infinity and so all (!) possible and maybe impossible things imaginable, many worlds (parallel universes), many dimensions, many multiverses, many realities, including spiritual and divine realities, and so also the total nothingness/inversion of being? (the snake of infinity bites its own tail) Maybe the Allmighty (the word itself says he/she/it can do everything) can somehow, somewhere maintain such a Nothing/Nothingness, just for some buddhist nothingness scholars, to show them what it is like?

Creation of life (Bible and Science)

Bible say God created Humans (Lifeforms) out of Clay/Mud. Science says Life was created out of the primordial soup/mud. Which both are true if you add spirituality to science (the spiritual forces helped create first molecules and oncellers, see als NDE'ers for reference) and science to the Bible (gods creation of 1 day of creation may be some millions years). Greetings in the Name of Jah Rastafari, Robi Smrdelj!

God’s Love (Bibel, Book of Wisdom, Salomon the Wise: 11,24-26)

Last gift of the time traveller

"You [GOD] love everything, that is, and don't dispise nothing of All you have made; but if you should have hated something you wouldn't have made it. How could something without your will have continuance, or how could something be not conserved that you didn't call into existance? You preserve everything, because it is your posession, Lord, you friend of life!" Abstract: God loves All of its creation and don't want to destroy it! Amen