Los indigenenas de America dicen,

que Coca-Colita es medicina tambien! E yo digo que duhan/Tabacco es tambien medicina del alma (duhan (croat (cravatte)) es la alma)!

Nationalistic Socialistoid fasc(es)istoid pseudo Democratic Capitalistic World System

The world System is Nationalistic (see Nations), and socialistoid (see welfaresystems), fasc(es)toid (batting on the head) (see authoritarian courts and polices and bosses), pseudo democratic (a little minority ruling over the whole people) and capitalistic (look at the fucking world system) world SystemGreetingsRainbowguardian!

Who’s the nazi?

The supposed nazis of the AFD never hurt me when diskussing on their fb-page, nor the nazis in hitler universe hurt me but the contrary they invited a stranger from another universe to some vodka, while on the other hand the supposed left, when you just slightly oppose their dogmatic line of thought, you get attacked with hate (i feel that) and astral and scalar weapons, e.g. when opposing israel state you seen as an antisemitic though also palis live there, or the role of so called "psychos" in the society, or my phrase "who can fuck can also prevent"! They are like hornets and some call them the feftist fascists!

Delusion, Reality and Schizophrenia

A Delusion or misperception of Reality is defined by psychiatry and psychology as being stuck in one special alternate reality, and so defined as being a sickness or schizophrenia! So if you look at normal regular people, them only perceiving the everyday reality, could that be seen as being delusional and sick or schizophrenic? You guess, greetings, Rainbowguardian!

Humanity and 1%ers

The 1 %ers of Humanity and their followers are evil, they even don't want to save their own planet, they are lazy capitalist blackmagic fascistoid bums (see e.g. Bible and Talmud), they hate themselves for being themselves, they even don't like that they are all pedophiles (It is in our genes, I saw a documentary about weazels impregnating their baby's, iow what you don't like in yourself, you can reflect in others), or psychic or whatever single human doesn't like about themselves. And great parts of humanity (reflecting the thirst for power and other shit in them hoping for trickle down) without questioning them, follow them.

Positive and/or Natural Psychedlica

Positiv and/or Natural Psychedelica (see Alternative Medicine Page) are good for your omnist spirituality, multi-cosmic perceivance and communion with the daimonions, the ghosts, the spirits, the angels, the avatars, the arhats, the bhodisatvas, the gurus, the spirit, the Dao and dear good God Allmighty master of the all-and-all eternity/ininity!

Destruction of evil

Bible parphrased: "...you build it up, we gonna tear it down...", means if you gonna build up evil empires and the like (evil anything) we gonna tear it down/destroy it, so you can try to build up evil as long as you like we gonna tear it down! Greetings, Rainbowguardian!


Psychiatry, Occultism and Shamanism/Witchcraft and the example of “Schizophrenia”

I read somewhere that psychiatrists knowledge initially derived from occult sciences. This shows itself especially in the choosing of the word “schizophrenia” for expanded states of consciousness, which means as far as I know “split of soul”, which in turn can be compared to the Peruvian shamanist view of a state of “lost little soul”, where the patients lost their “little soul” because of accidents or other traumatic incidents. The psychiatrists in the former USSR called “schizophrenia” also the shaman’s disease. Are so-called “schizophrenics” then shamans or witches, etc., who lost their “little soul” and are going, due to their powers, into other realities and search for their “little soul” and because of the combination of their “little soul” being lost and going into other realities are becoming a little “disoriented”? Did the psychiatrists know of such, because of their connection to occultism, and the occultists inheriting such wisdom from witches, because the witches had to hide from the church (occult meaning hidden), but it was forgotten or not conveyed how to repair such a situation.