I had the thoughts, sharing that thought with a friend of mine, which lead me to the thought that we were maybe once a single soul in a prior incarnation, that prior to this incarnation i was a nazi in the third reich and after that, because of me getting the chance or me waqnting to repair that karma (that showing gods mercy and love for all its creatures, even satan), becomming a hippy in prder to repair that karma, but i also think that i died of an overdose of heroin or been murdered or both and me thinking that carlos castaneda then interrupted the revolution and my mission with his books and attitude.

That could be quiet possible since after healing an older man in the looneybin, he gifted me a christian book where there’s a fotography in it, seemingly out of the sixties, which seems to be on the footsteps of an american university and a guy sitting there on the steps that totally looks like me with the same jacket i have now and similar clothing style!

I also think that carlos is again responsible with his books for the interruption of the revolution and my mission, because of the incident in palenque and now maybe secret societies (as we know secret societies also recruit doctors and politicians, see free(!) masons) applying cc`s knowledge of an alternative death (not a physical one) through isolation and contactdeprivation, by using the lockdown and keeping people at home, and social distancing, and masks, as Mr. Droste admitted in an interview, that the masks have little to no efficacy in containering the virus, and the isolation possibly is useless because at least in the supermarket things get touched by other people and the cashier and so on and washing hands is not enough to kill of a virus that could be anywhere on the body (see hands), and because of free roaming cats and dogs, and the virus possibly could also be everywhere you can imagine (streets, see china and so forth desinfecting streets)!

But sometimes I think that i am only one astral lightyear old, resembling maybe a billion earth years and spending that time in heaven to prepair for my mission, also because of me thinking being the lamb, or Jesus Christ (i sometimes think Jesus Christ has been divided into three parts, the lamb, the christ and another, so that he can hide and not attract too much attention, so he won’t get crucified no more) or maybe maytreya but I later found out that just their astral/spiritselves enterd my body and on another occasion Jesus or maybe god wanted to give me/merge me with a duplicate/piece of or maybe a new christ-energy-consciousness so that I can heal, but it was so intense and i was so weak and/or scared that i almost screamed and it was aborted.

Sometimes I also Knew that I was reincarnetd from another planet as I knew where my starsystem is and showed it to my hippyfriends in Zipolite.

Sometiems I also think of myself being a Jew that got gassed in WWII and now incarnated that the System can repair its Karma.

Sometimes I even think that i was once a greek philosopher or such.

That i am or was a chosen one or a little bit special, i somehow recognised intuitively though it was not very conscious in my self just subtel in the fact that my yougoslavian grand grand mothers and grand mothers always loved me very very much and wanted to kiss my eyes and hands and so forth and them intuitively knowing who i am but to this day i still don’t know who i am though in the looneybin the storytellerette foreshadowed that i’m „favourit child number one“ (of god) and on one occasion when we where stoned with my hippyfriends someone told a story of zen master that told his desciples that some people have more consciousness in their little finger than the whole amount of humankind and me lifting my little finger and bending it and as i saw some golden light shining out of it everybody started to laugh joyfully!

But maybe I am a litlle bit of that all, who knows, but it actually doesn’t matter, since the life in the moment should matter!

Now god finally released me from my duties of healing, though it let me know, that i still could heal a little if it is neccessary, because of my massive suffering and me thinking also because i’m in a different world and he allows me now to go after my passions and also let me repose!

I am not trying to self agrand me with telling that story but i have the urge to tell somebody and relieve me.

What science now found out, namely that young blood keeps one young (see video), secret societies new for a little bit longer time, and me also thinks that they also shot it up, when i regard my own experiences with myself having visions and thoughts of psychiatrists shooting up my blood (prior to knowing of the secret societies doing so) for power, strength, youth and spiritual/psychedelic insight, regarding also that some psychiatrists are free(!)masons and my blood having above normal levels (forensically relevant) of endogen opiats, cannabinoids, amphetamins etc. prooved in pisstests me knowing i hadn’t in the vicinity (years) contact with such drugs.
The high levels of endogen „drugs“ could also be an indicator for a natural psychedelic/spirtual state of consciousness leading to voices, visions etc. combined with a maybe existing spiritual double quantumentanglement neurotransmitter info transfer and could indicate some exceptional states of consciousnes.


How young blood might help reverse aging.

When you look at my proposed theory that so called „schizophrenia“, in the light of hearing voices, having visions, other expanded perceptions and expanded consciousness, being an evolutionary trait, one also should think of neuroleptics in this context as a possible retardant and backward retardant of evolution in dampening, numbing and destroying of expanded cognition and other cognitive processes.

What are some Alternatives to the Medical Model of human distress?
An alternative may be a descriptive, or a biographical, narrative approach.
Symptoms may not be just symptoms, but may be profound, authentic feelings, emotions and moods which are an integral part of a person’s relationships to others or his struggle with actualizing his authentic life.
To dismiss these profound, authentic feelings as just symptoms is to dehumanize the Person (now called a „patient“).
In the book „Toxic Psychiatry“ Dr. Peter Breggin describes some phenomena not as illnesses but as ‚Psychospiritual Overwhelm‘ or ‚Psychosexual Overwhelm‘.
Is a PsychoSpiritual crisis with growth potential, explained away as an illness caused by the brain? An opportunity for Spiritual growth is lost in chemistry. Mystical ideas and discourse may be misunderstood by the uninitiated and labelled ‚psychotic‘.
‚Diagnosis‘ implies ‚Illness‘. However a person’s complex life narrative is NOT an illness. Unless „diagnosis“ is used as a metaphor, e.g. an economist diagnoses (analyzes) what’s wrong with the economy.
Not all suffering is illness! Denying a medical explanation does not deny the reality of suffering! Anguish is real, but does it have to be an illness?
For example, there may have been a history of abuse which led to the person’s current state of extreme emotional distress – leading to psychiatric diagnosis. This can be understood within a ‚Trauma Model‘ rather than a Medical Model! Or as another example, a heavy mystical religious experience which led to the person’s current altered state of mind – leading to psychiatric diagnosis.
During the 15 minute interview with an organic psychiatrist this history may be ignored, and the client walks out of the consulting rooms with the diagnosis of the proverbial ‚Chemical Imbalance‘ and a prescription for a very powerful drug for the long term.
Other alternative approaches may be political or economic. A person’s distress may be rooted in political injury, or in economics i.e. poverty, classism, unemployment.
Medical Model or Social Model?
Is a diagnosis necessary, when it does not benefit, when it does more harm than good?
Included in the harm of diagnosis, is enormous marital, social, communal and economic loss and damage to the client’s self perceptions, leading to failures through self fulfilling prophecies.
Drugs are not ‚magic bullets‘ with perfect magical cures, there are prices to pay.
For thousands of years people have comforted and counselled each other without resorting to the illness concept. We can listen to a person’s life story and description of distress, and offer help without making a psychiatric diagnosis.

Jonathan Fishman

The capitalists say probably something like the price and money inflation comes from rising wages, and that leads to rising prices, and on and on.
But the official doctrine is one of growth for wealths sake, so that the poor would also reach some kind of minor wealth and have to be very very happy, also for the capitalists that they don’t have to work anymore.
Also the capitalist whine about the scarcity of primary resources, and with that also justify the price and money inflation, but on the other hand still want infinit growth, which it shows also in the latest statement of the americans, that they are thinking to raise their population to one billion to better compete with china, and that leading to more scarcity.
One could think that maybe recycling would be a cure for this problem, but what the hell, are there something like car cemetries or ship cemetries so the raw metall somehow dissappears there, but whatever, growth.
So now some of them say we might find primary resources in space, but how far can we come with our medieval, compared to spiritual aliens, technology?
When we want to reach further stars it can only be achieved through major consciousness and intellekt, and that can only be achieved through spirituality/psychedelic drugs, because the rationalized reductionst science had only minor advances, and that would automatically make us think about the justifiability of capitalism, especially when we would in this context orient our view towards the very very slow process of making the third world population a little wealthier, because there still seems to be somathing like conscience, so that they don’t die, and we would have also to look at the facts, that the growth and performance oriented system and free markets lead and have lead to massive destruction of environment, health and spirituality and also because of loss of spirituality to violence, murder, rape, war and theft.
So one could say that capitalism is a viscious circle that leads nowhere.

It is known that some substances like alcohol or neuroleptics damage the frontal lobe, and it is shown in some scientific studies that a damaged or not well developed frontal lobe can be the cause of increased aggressions.
To countermeasure such aggressions and try to build up the frontal lobe, may be some therapeutic approaches, together with education and learning of new skills, and with that some Vitamin B12 and Omega3 supplements, helpful