blocks God, Maya and Tao

The Tao is yin and yang, the opposites, good and evil, light and darkness, etc., so the almighty is everything/the all-and-all and is especially light and love but also darkness and who knows what else, and created Tao for this multiverse, especially for newly born/created souls, wich (tao) is maya/illusion, because when i realised/perceived that everything, also the night, is flooded with astral light , and also evil can lead finally to good things, and everything is fed by love, and also the dark beings in dark realms, are also fed by soft astral love light, otherwise they wouldn’t exist, so the almighty let tao (which is maya/illusion) exist, so that everything can, through experiencing love and light and darkness/evil, especially newly born souls, elevate and learn better ways than evil ways, and finally find to the almighty eternal astral love peace light!

oracle girl God, eternity/infinity and the immortal astral light

In my encounter/vision with/of God, i was revealed, that god put its light (which is also love) into everybody and (later i learned also in) everything that was created.
So in the light of eternity/infinity, is there something like the highest/god, or is everything equally precious, and therefore the saint as equal as the sinner as equal as the germ as equal as god?

Though in this light, everything is also special, because of the light of god, spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and some darkness, that through re/incarnations was laid upon us through the Tao/Jehovah (the jealous creator god of this universe, that was conceived through Sophie goddess of light and wisdom and the darkness [see gnosis]), so that everything is only distinguishable through its karma, its spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and the special missions that everybody/the all-and-all has towards enlightenment of the darkness, that doesn’t seem to exist because it is supposedly maya (even in the darkest dark, there can be found some shimmering light even if it may not be perceived), and that the all-and-all gets enlightened by love and light.
Is it like the Hindus say, that God is dancing an eternal dance with itself to enlighten itself?

Is astral eternity/infinity equal to god equal to the immortal astral light?

Sin’s A God Man’s Brother


Try to think positive (see the good side of negative situations).

Love the sinner, not the sin.

Variety is the spice of life.

Everything is connected to each other, all and all form a unity and a multiplicity.

They only have so much power over you, as much as you give them.
(See also in a greater context)

Sometimes you have to fight for your life!

And sometimes you have to run away from a fight!


Intuition tells you what to pay attention to.
Intuitive fear is natural and a good advisor.
Intuition teaches you good/positive attraction.

Try to overcome unnatural fear

It is important to connect to each other.

To achieve your goals you shouldn’t postpone tasks.

Listen to your angels and let them guide you.

Try to avoid to eat meat.
Juice gives you strength.

Almost Everything has its meaning and purpose!
(See also in a greater context)

My master said that you have to have to do what you feel to do, eating drinking sleeping dying tellywatching when you feel like that!

As little as possible.
As much as necessary.

Always be careful what you wish/ask for.
It might get answered.
But the laughing buddha only grants for the karma good wishes.

Order is half the life.

Better a little less than too much.

The Temple of all the children (young and old) is the world!

A warrior always loses his last battle.

Everybody has a place in the multiverse and in the multi-dimensions/-realities of the afterlife.

The shortest path sometimes is not the best path!

Not everything is equally important!

Never forget to think!

Everything and ALL is important, though some-things may not be as important as other things!

Because all of creation is sacred you should honor all of creation!

Nothing is final.
(A koan <-> A non koan)

Try to help as much as possible but be careful with outbraving children young and old!