~According to NDE'ers and Jesus' Lords Prayer you can ask Jah Allmighty for forgiveness and you will be forgiven and redeemed! ~For the capitalists: Luke 16,9: "I say : Make friends with the Help of your unjust mammon (money), to be welcomed in the eternel/infinit Home [of God], when your ending is near! ~And I say to the Black magicians: "Return, on your path to God" see also Bible: “Therefore, repent and turn to him [God] to have your sins blotted out,” (Acts 3:19)

Destroyer of all evil


Destroyer of all evil Jainas (Robis) prayer for destruction of all evil Reverence and calling of the Laywo/men Reverence and calling of the Scholars Reverence and calling of the healers and shamans and witches Reverence and calling of the Dignitaries Reverence and calling of the Masters Reverence and calling of the Saints Reverence and calling of the good daimonions and ghosts and spirits Reverence and calling of the Arhats Reverence and calling of the Angels and light families and spirit guides Reverence and calling of the Angel of death Reverence and calling of all Avatars Reverence and calling of the Dao Reverence and calling of the holy spirit Reverence and calling of the God/desses Reverence and calling of the ALL-mighty All-and-all Infinity Eternity love light Aumng This is a fivteen fold bestoval for revernce and calling for help and destruction of all evil

Tea for High Blood Pressure

This recipe contains the following: Passion Flower leaves (Passiflora folium) (1 Portion) Garden Angelica root (Angelica archangelica radix) (1 Portion) Burdock fruits (Arctium fructis) (1 Portion) If your heart is weakend through years long high blood pressure also add: Hawthorn herb and flowers (Crataegus herba et flores) (1 Portion) (the portions resemble parts of the whole amount of mixed tea) If the high blood pressure is very accute and you are suffering from it, eat one (1) clove of white garlic (!). Drink that tea as you feel the need.

Marian thistle / Mariendistel / Marijin oslobod / Pegasti badelj / cardo mariano / cardo mariano / Chardon-Marie (Silybum marianum)

The Fruits and the herb can be used in regenerating destroyed liver cells. It is used for liver and gallbladder ailments as well as cramprelieving and gallsecretion enhancement purposes. Further on it can be used with indigestion. Milk thistle has a certain importance as an antidote to amatoxin poisoning (the poison of the tuber agarics); Silymarin is said to competitively inhibit the uptake of the toxin in the liver cells.

Burdock / Kletten / Čičak / navadni repinec / Arctium / Arctium / bardanes (Arctium)

The burdock root drug is used for sweat and urine driving purposes, it is blood cleansing, and enhances gall secretion. So it is used for ailments of the stomach-colon and liver-gallbladder area. It is also used for rheumatism and skinailments, abscess', blemished skin,wound healing and uterine prolapse. Burdock root oil is used for rheumatism, dandruff and hairloss. The tea of the fruit can be drunk against high blood pressure.

Bay tree (Grecian laurel) / Echter Lorbeer / Lovor / Navadni lovor / lauro / L’alloro / Laurier vrai (Laurus nobilis)

The leaves, rarely the fruits, are used for appetite and digestion enhancing means. The Oil of the fruits is used for rheumatism, furuncles and as an insect repellent and antiparasiticum. The oil is also used for outer applications as for contusions, sprains and hematomas. The grecian laurel also leads to trance and altered consciousness when consumed in large quantities. It is believed that the visions of the priestesses of the oracle of Delphi were influenced by the enjoyment of laure. In the Middle Ages, laurel was used as a cure for the plague. Laurel also had a reputation for protection from magic and fire.

Dog rose / Hunds-Rose (Hagebutte) / Pasja ruža (Obični šipak) / Navadni šipek / rosal silvestre / rosa di macchia / Rosier des chiens (Rosa canina)

From the dried fruits can be made a tea that heals the soul of children and also elderly people! The dried-fruit-tea is also used for bladder and kidney ailments, especially stone ailments, which comes from the urine driving and relaxant properties. The drug was also used for rabies. It is also used for colds, gout and rheumatism and as an appetite enhancer. Etheric oil of the seeds can be used for skin care.

Strengthening tonic

Maybe you want to experiment yourself with the ingredients et all. Here's some posssible source for inspirations: Maybe mix some garlic pressed water extract, sugar, ginger root comminuted water extract, nasturtium tee, green tee, hawthorn tee and passionflower tee with maybe a little tequila or mezcal!