Pure Vegan

A word to the fundamentalist Vegans: You can never ever eat 100% pure Vegan, as in the notion it never touche a dead animal or an animal suffered for it, as the soil on which plants grows is also "contaminated" with dead bodies of suffering (dieing) animals which decayed there (circle of life, and if you would keep your soil of dieng animals, remeber, in the past there were animals/hominids recycled there, animals are part of Gaia), and the water is also contaminated with dead/suffering fish and the like. So relax and stop that Veganazism!

Doped Semiconductors and the Universe

A semiconducter gets doped to make it function the way it functions, it is like they say, it gets dirtied in some kind, so to say it gets an "error" inside (opposed to normal conductors) to make it function properly. According to the holographic principle (see quantumentanglement etc.) could we say that people have or make mistakes inside to make them function properly (learn out of mistakes etc.)? Is according to the holographic principle an error also built in the universe and and maybe into Yehova/Tao (gnosis [nag hamadi library] says yehova is the jelous creator god born from sophia [goddes of light and wisdom] and darkness)? Maybe the light is doped with darkness to function better?

Thoughts and Fantasies

flat earth

Where do thoughts and fantasies come from? Do they come from nothing/ness - nowhere? If according to my post about nothing/ness, it possibly doesn't exist but eternity/infinity and according to my post "A propostion regarding creation" a supernatural cosmic mind created this world and imprinted the spirit information on this energetic/material (and who knows what else!) (?) world, actually everything even thoughts and fantasies should have a root/cause out of the actio = reactio "law", and because of quantum entanglement (possibly of brain nerve quanta) and a possible supernatural thought transfer (which is not in the hands of science(?)), so that everything's connected somehow, thoughts and fantasies should have a root in or should be a reflection of some other reality (may it be abstract, spiritual, divine, or who knows what else), parallel universe, another dimension, or another multiverse.

Abstract Reality

eye-Abstract Reality

I can imagine that there could exist an almost indescribable reality, which is composed of pure abstract thought form, but not composed of this-worldly energy nor science like structures, like the fathomless Tao (maybe God’s mind?), that somehow materializes in some multiverse.

Reality – Fantasy

astronomy Reality - Fantasy

Could it even be that our fantasies,dreams and thoughts, are some, or can become some reality in some other dimension or in a parallel universe or in some other multiverse or another "reality". For example, could there exist a multiverse where the physical laws are such, that there really exists a disc world? If god is a dreamer or thinker, and all its thoughts which can become our thoughts or vice versa, manifest in a multiverse or "reality", there could exist multiverses with total different laws of physics or maybe no physics at all, maybe only total spiritual realities! Because the diversity of existence maybe wants to exits somehow, somewhere. (Maybe everything possible is allowed to exist somehow somewhere -> fecundity principle). (please regard the interconnectedness of everything through different means and my tract about nothing/ness)

Objective versus Subjective Reality

Objective versus Subjective Reality

Reductionst science says there should be an objective reality, a reality that is homogenous to everybody existing in this universe. But objective reality includes randomness (e.g. randomness of radioactive decay), and maybe so has a randomness in influencing how we perceive reality (=subjective reality), and also objective reality has an invisible part (we perceive only a fraction of the existing frequencies/smells/sensations/etc. of the real world), and a multiplicity of realities out of a possibly nonexistent void (regard spiritualized science), that could influence our perception, imagination  and thoughts according to Quantum entanglement etc., so forms subjective reality and interacts with objective reality (Quantum entanglement, etc.)., whereas subjective and objective realities alter each other (Quantum entanglement, etc.). Therefore objective and subjective reality dissolve into one another, and you could say that there’s no distinction between objective and subjective reality, and therefore everything is somehow real that we perceive and think (at least maybe in some other dimension, parallel universe, multiverse or reality)!

Avarage life?


Sometimes you're seen as mentally ill when you're quietly sitting on your couch ruminating and thinkink about life and its meaning and not getting things done, and other times you're seen as mentally ill when your upbeat, dancing on the streets and talking about seemingly "crazy" stuff and not getting anything done, but when you're living an avarege life, working sleeping, eating, watching telly, fucking and so forth as the system wants you to, you're deemed normal and healthy! Is that the opression of the system on "crazy" people if you're no performance oriented benefit to the system you get punished and tortured into obeying the system? Is that the difference between an broad path to damnation and the hard rocky road to salvation, Jesus spoke of?



Since the introduction of shock-pictures on tobacco products should mostly have had a dissuasive influnece on people to not use tobacco, but as we know through autogenous training and other psychological/spiritual techniques of selfinfluencing (e.g. meditation on health), repetative, subconscious influences can have an influence on the soul so also on the body. So when you often see shock images of sick people, doesn't that implicate that after some time of influence on your subconsciousness you somehow are more prone to such sicknesses, though it is shown in studies that tobacco has a positive influence on "schizophrenics" (the soul)? What does that say about a psychiatrist repetative storytelling of altered states of consciousness as a sickness and "halucinations" as not existant (but as proposed in other posts and pages being not so)? What does that say about the repetative storytelling of psychiatrist that neuroleptics help against "symptoms" through building up over the course of some weeks a level of the agent and after some weeks stopping the "psychosis", though it is known that the "dopaminblockers" immediatly enter the neuronal gaps and block the transmittors, and that is save do much lifes, though we also know that it killed and (spiritually, physically and pschologically) destroyed people, and me also at my first longer encounter with the otherworld i could also without the help of neuroleptics could return to everyday reality after soeme weeks of alternative help? Wouldn't you internalize the role of sick person and therefor feel so, but as i mostly learned to know so called "schizos" being positive about their initial/first experiences only becoming later negative (maybe because of the psychiatrists storytelling and drugs?)? What does that say about the repetitions in the media about dangers from this and that and that a capitalist democratic fascist system is indespensable and without it, we would loose our wealth and security, and that it brought so much advance, but we forget how much destruction and also (psychological and physical) suffering it brought, especially when most of the people relax in front of the tv or other media after a hard days work and so the higher parts of consciousness are closed down and the subconscious mind is open to suggestions? Methinks it creates a lot of (subconscious) fear and supporting of the (secure(?)) system, though we know better!

War multiverse revisited

War multiverse

According to a fellow "psycho", there exists an evil universe, whence she saw an evil cat spirit enter through a dimension portal from a purely evil multiverse (maybe its a lower dimensional multiverse). And if there exists an purely good Multivers, maybe something like the afterlife paradise (a maybe higherdimensional multiverse), is this reality (multiverse) the battle/playground/learning place for the forces? Or ist it a place to be conquered by the good forces when you look at history, when even out of evil, arise also mostly good things (regard my unified karma post, hitler - internet), so maybe the good in this world still is not dead but some kind of urge to be fullfilled? So everything's good somehow?