Firstly, if you in this system not wear a mask because of the epidemy, you might not go to the concentration camp, but you also could be thrown into jail if you can’t pay the fines.
Secondly, the deathtoll of fascism maybe cost 60 Million lifes, compared to the capitalist systems destruction of livelihood not only of man but also the rest of nature, cost of maybe the whole of humanity, one could of course come to the conclusion that this system is even worse.
Lastly, the accountability of the capitalist system for the rise of fascism see also momentary state of the art, is a chapter for itself and should be investigated!

Just look at some scientist propagating progress maybe them being enthusiastic and aggitated of possibilities of such progress but not considering possible negativ effects as seen in the „Verschlimmbesserung“ (making something worse in the process of making something better), and also looking into mass psychosis of enthusiasm or propagating of an ideology or getting lost in feelings and in this process persecuting others insights or feelings, then conservativism or restraint or better mindfullness of feelings or ego through some authorities on the public should be considered and maybe through making the masses also following such an ideal and making them mindfull maybe through suggesting meditation.
This should be now a major consideration when it comes to Covid-19 vaccines, especially some scientists and politicians forcing gene-vaccines, though some scientists warn the public of possible genemutations in humans through these vaccines with unknown outcomes, especially since it affects the whole humanity and isn’t something to play with, and also i came to know that some scientists developed a vaccine the old way with parts of covid-19 virus structures enhancing the immunesystem of humans, that all should be a consideration in vaccianting about 8 billion humans!

The capitalists say probably something like the price and money inflation comes from rising wages, and that leads to rising prices, and on and on.
But the official doctrine is one of growth for wealths sake, so that the poor would also reach some kind of minor wealth and have to be very very happy, also for the capitalists that they don’t have to work anymore.
Also the capitalist whine about the scarcity of primary resources, and with that also justify the price and money inflation, but on the other hand still want infinit growth, which it shows also in the latest statement of the americans, that they are thinking to raise their population to one billion to better compete with china, and that leading to more scarcity.
One could think that maybe recycling would be a cure for this problem, but what the hell, are there something like car cemetries or ship cemetries so the raw metall somehow dissappears there, but whatever, growth.
So now some of them say we might find primary resources in space, but how far can we come with our medieval, compared to spiritual aliens, technology?
When we want to reach further stars it can only be achieved through major consciousness and intellekt, and that can only be achieved through spirituality/psychedelic drugs, because the rationalized reductionst science had only minor advances, and that would automatically make us think about the justifiability of capitalism, especially when we would in this context orient our view towards the very very slow process of making the third world population a little wealthier, because there still seems to be somathing like conscience, so that they don’t die, and we would have also to look at the facts, that the growth and performance oriented system and free markets lead and have lead to massive destruction of environment, health and spirituality and also because of loss of spirituality to violence, murder, rape, war and theft.
So one could say that capitalism is a viscious circle that leads nowhere.


They already implanted quantum energy generators and repli/duplicators (I once bought a pair of twix and they were buzzing with the same energy as I experienced the buzzing of the replicated jeans i got while dreaming in another world/future world(?)), but still charge money for the outcome, those motherfucking evil Kapitalist democratic fascists.