The Graetest Thing on Earth

is Humbleness, Love, Peace, Light and Happiness!


The Fascist democratic capitalists are stealing our life our ideas our land our work force our blood with black magic stalking and psychological power abused abstract idea of fantasized concept of colorful painted paper (money). So therefore steal back from the rich for your self and give to the poor, never steel from the poor. (Robin Hood Syndrome)

Evolution – Angel

If according to near-death-experiencers, the evolutionary step from ape to human beings was made through human souls influencing the ape creatures and merging with them, is the next step in evolution if according to NDE'ers and my own experience angels are guiding our paths, the step to loving angelic beings (unconditional love) and merge with them, and them agape angels help and love everywhere, and then further to energetic god-like infinite beings?

Who’s the nazi?

The supposed nazis of the AFD never hurt me when diskussing on their fb-page, nor the nazis in hitler universe hurt me but the contrary they invited a stranger from another universe to some vodka, while on the other hand the supposed left, when you just slightly oppose their dogmatic line of thought, you get attacked with hate (i feel that) and astral and scalar weapons, e.g. when opposing israel state you seen as an antisemitic though also palis live there, or the role of so called "psychos" in the society, or my phrase "who can fuck can also prevent"! They are like hornets and some call them the feftist fascists!

Prophetic Dreams / Déja Vu

One explanation might be that according to nde'ers, when you commit suicide out of selfish motives, you have to go through the same situations that brought you to that suicide and therefore are somehow allowed to remember these situations. Another explantations for Déja Vu might be, that you might have had prophetic dreams, that fullfil somehow and that you remember soemhow during Déja vus, as somehow refer to the dreamer (astral body) draming the dream (this realities manifastation of the (astral) body), and so also maybe dreaming "forward".

The bad side of spirituality

If you have attacks on you, may it be from bad spirits or sorcerers, you can ask them in the name of (if you have the given authority by Jah or the avatar) or with the help of the avatar that suits your faith (maybe Jesus Christ), and in the name of or with the help of the allmighty, to cast out these evil beings or ask for their name, so you can with the help of their name cast them out yourself, or defend against them (see my spiritualized healing page)