Covid 19

Do not get Covid vaccinated, the RNA active ingredient changes the gene structure (DNA) of immune cells and is not future-tested, unpredictable consequences! Lassen Sie sich nicht gegen Covid impfen, der RNA-Wirkstoff verändert die Genstruktur (DNA) von Immunzellen und ist nicht zukunftsgetestet, unvorhersehbare Folgen! Ne cijepite se Covidom, aktivni sastojak RNA mijenja gensku strukturu (DNA) imunih stanica i nije testiran u budućnosti, nepredvidive posljedice! Ne faites pas vacciner Covid, l'ingrédient actif ARN modifie la structure du gène (ADN) des cellules immunitaires et n'est pas testé pour l'avenir, des conséquences imprévisibles! No se vacune contra Covid, el ingrediente activo del ARN cambia la estructura genética (ADN) de las células imunes, y tiene consecuencias impredecibles et no es probadas en el futuro! Non farti vaccinare con Covid, il principio attivo dell'RNA cambia la struttura genica (DNA) delle cellule immunitarie e non è testato in futuro, conseguenze imprevedibili! Ne cepite se Covida, aktivna sestavina RNA spremeni gensko strukturo (DNA) imunskih celic in ni preizkušena v prihodnosti, nepredvidljive posledice! Greetings, Rainbowguardian!

God and humans

NDE'ers were told that god wants no slaves, and so i concluded that he also gives no orders, but i found out that before birth the angels give you very wise suggestions for your life plan and also give you free will for some situations in your life and they also told me that god doesn't laugh about your loving(!) lifeplans!

Without Cause

There seems to be a Principle without cause, some call it the allmighty, some call it the (multifold) Dao, some call it the flying spaghetti monster 😉 . If you think of consistant words as describing something of some reality and/or as allready experienced/perceived, and this principle being something so unbelievable or fathomless that you need psychedelics or a gift from said principle or prolonged meditation, prayer, fasting or other techniques to experience this principle, this then shouldn't be put away as nonsense or tried to explain or rationalised away, since that principle is very spiritual/psychedelic/fathomless/mystic (it gave me the honour of experiencing a little bit of this mystic mystery/itself).