Destroyer of all evil


Destroyer of all evil Jainas (Robis) prayer for destruction of all evil Reverence and calling of the Laywo/men Reverence and calling of the Scholars Reverence and calling of the healers and shamans and witches Reverence and calling of the Dignitaries Reverence and calling of the Masters Reverence and calling of the Saints Reverence and calling of the good daimonions and ghosts and spirits Reverence and calling of the Arhats Reverence and calling of the Angels and light families and spirit guides Reverence and calling of the Angel of death Reverence and calling of all Avatars Reverence and calling of the Dao Reverence and calling of the holy spirit Reverence and calling of the God/desses Reverence and calling of the ALL-mighty All-and-all Infinity Eternity love light Aumng This is a fivteen fold bestoval for revernce and calling for help and destruction of all evil


Beeten ist besser als Table(e)t(t)en, und Liebe ist die stärkste Kraft und gute Musik hebt den Geist, und alle drei zusammen ist die perfekte Medizin! (Man kann natürlich noch Psychedelika dazu nehmen um es noch perfekter zu machen!) Praying is better then Pills, and Love is the strongest force and good Musiklifts the Spirit, and all three together is a perfect Medicine! (You can of course also take psychedelics to make it even more Perfect!)


Shiva destroyed you so you can see what is supposed to be beer will make you high so you can feel free and try to fly on the wings of passion and goodwill but beware of the enemy it sneaks behind a blind man's fear and fights you till there's left no more it wants no peace fighting is its passion war of mind and heart is its possession try to live peacefully and don't be no warrior smoke some splif like the teacher told ya It's a real man a voice told me but the path to peace and love is binding him towards possessions Is freedom achieved through peace he asked and the gods answered him did you look inside yourself the answer lies so close at hand deep in the forest, he wants a man that leads him to light and love and death and peace and life again yin and yang he said is free will as it is on earth you choose where you want to go what you have to learn is that no one ever enlightens you if you don't ask because there are no stupid questions just answers that want to be responded your loving heart your spiritual mind your hearing ears your talking lips your seeing eyes and your beautiful self are good in your lovin' hearts face some should be your guides to the goal that you defied healing through hands needs a heart like this

Creation of life (Bible and Science)

Bible say God created Humans (Lifeforms) out of Clay/Mud. Science says Life was created out of the primordial soup/mud. Which both are true if you add spirituality to science (the spiritual forces helped create first molecules and oncellers, see als NDE'ers for reference) and science to the Bible (gods creation of 1 day of creation may be some millions years). Greetings in the Name of Jah Rastafari, Robi Smrdelj!

Perpetuum Mobile

A Quantum Energy Generator linked to a Repli/duplicator and a Beaming device, whereas the Repli/duplicator reproduces parts for the Qeg and itself and the Beamer and beams it into the Qeg and itself etc., for reparation of Parts of the machine and the QEG and the Beaming Device and the QEG gives infinit Energy for the reproduction processs.

Psychiatric Industry


The relativist reactionary rationalised reductionist Psychiatry Industry is building nursing homes, workplaces for disabled and massiv psychiatry / prisons. They are secretely changing their definitions of soul (psyche) illnesses, from what was once psychosis (sickness of soul) with their subclasses of schizotypal and depressiv and who knows what kind of psychosis, to schizophrenia being psychosis, to the newest shit, namely that psychosis is no sickness for itself but a subclass of something total grand, so that as i read from them, that they with that defined about 49,6% of the world population as psychical sick and as Andrej Szulkis, i posted elswhere, surmised the psychiatry industry with ties to politics is enslaving/incarcerating in their psychiatry KZ's with psychotropic meds and other means a big part of humanity to propagate their ideal of the DIN-Norm (masterrace/robot) human!