abstract-As natural as possible.

As natural as possible.

In the case of humanity and chemical medical science, why should one regard a mere more or less 150 year old chemical science as more effectic as herb or other medicine? Especially if god/mother nature created it and so it being longer tested? And so in the case of german thinking one has to be first therapized to the end with chemical medicine before getting so called „alternative“ medicine of cannabis?

If black holes have the power of or better mass to capture light/waves because maybe of their relativistic mass, maybe some of that light particles are turned to mass therefor lightspeed equals zero, or as seen in the phenomena that some light leaves the black holes, and one maybe could relate that to particles or waves being accelerated and/or lossing mass (cosmic paradoxon?) to get the property of leaving the gravitational field of the black hole.
(I had also the spiritualized info that maybe black holes are portals to other dimensions or multiverses or astral plains o that maybe such light leaving black holes could be of otherworldly composition or plane of existance with different propertoies),
maybe regarding in acceleretion of objects circling a mass and through some king of mysterious active force being accelerated (holographic principle: when you take an object and hold in front of you and you spin yourself in a circle and so the object gets accelerate and gaining speed when you let hold of it) despite maybe the quantumstate of light waves/particles.
And so maybe lightwaves have some quantum relatvivity.


Is astrology the knowledge about our close celestial objects, the ancient ones were instructed by the spirit world, that everything is in a harmonically dance connected with gravitational waves and double quantum entanglement and who knows what else together, so that the stars they perceived for astrology are representative of the cosmos are connected with human beings (s.a.) and the spirit world (because they all interact together through the forces, so represent the forces of the entire cosmos, and therefore are like angels that are representatives of god), if the spirit world has a somehow supernatural connection to this universe (see „A proposition regarding creation“) and is also in a harmonically dance with the cosmos, so that everything interacts with/influences each other, and so could read the spiritual state of persons from the celestial constellations.

Ace of Spades

astronomy Reality - Fantasy

Could it even be that our fantasies, dreams and thoughts, are some, or can become some reality in some other dimension or in a parallel universe or in some other multiverse or another „reality“. For example, could there exist a multiverse where the physical laws are such, that there really exists a disc world?
If god is a dreamer or thinker, and all its thoughts which can become our thoughts or vice versa, manifest in a multiverse or „reality“, there could exist multiverses with total different laws of physics or maybe no physics at all, maybe only total spiritual realities!
Because the diversity of existence maybe wants to exits somehow, somewhere. (Maybe everything possible is allowed to exist somehow somewhere -> fecundity principle).
(please regard the interconnectedness of everything through different means and my tract about nothing/ness)

A Quantum Energy Generator linked to a Repli/duplicator and a Beaming/Transormation device,
whereas the Repli/duplicator reproduces parts for the Qeg and itself and the Beamer/Transformer,
and beams it into the Qeg and itself etc. and replaces old/broken parts,
for reparation and exchange of Parts of the machine and the QEG and the Beaming/Transforming Device,
and so produces infinit amounts of goods,
and the QEG gives infinit Energy for the reproduction processs and the world.

In the holographic worldview everything is seen as part of and reflection of the whole,
that said,
if you take a hologramm and break it in pieces,
you still can see the whole picture of the hologram in the broken pieces!
That would mean everybody has everything inside themselves,
and can be explained through quantumentangelement and the simple fact that „we are made out of stardust“.
Though on another note,
God might have us all created a bit diverse,
also maybe because of the fecundity principle!

Society and “Psychosis”

So is the polarity and the possible out of it following being-torn-between the identification-based poles of a human being, the one pole, the longing for self-developement, self-fulfillment and self-awareness (enlightenment), derived from an evolutionary relevant ego (survival instinct), that remained in some as some lower levels of degenerative ego states of un-awareness (wild animal me), because of simply refusing or not-recognizing other life-concept-possibilities, than the ego centeredness, and the other pole, a longing for an identification with a greater purpose, community or maybe a unified consciousness (spiritualized cosmic mind consciousness), another evolutionary concept (herd/group instinct), a possible source for the psychical disease of human beings, as a part of sick societies, or a so-called “schizophrenic society” in a mass „psychosis“ (trauma through being-torn-between the identification-based poles = loss of spirit) (meditation and prayer is the key to know what to do at the right time).

Society and “Psychosis”


If the nothing – nothingness is the void or the nonexistence of everything (!) possible and impossible, also the nonexistence of time, space, matter, energy, life and all its principles even false vacuums and all abstract/thoughtforms and the concept of the almighty god and eternity/infinity and so the possible nonexistence of anything (!) ever (!) existing in the past, the now and the future (see time), and also the nonexistence of the notion, the definition, the concept and the nothingness itself, so that absolutely nothing exists, neither the observer of this multiverse, nor the multiverses, nor nothingness, not even thoughts about or the presence of anything including the nothing/ness, the multiverses (the all-and-all/the multifold Dao), science, spirit/uality, the abstract and eternity/infinity and the concept of the almighty itself who is controlling everything or any imaginable reality.

But as we experience ourselves, the existence of something, our expanded/physicality, our expanded/thoughts, expanded/fantasies, expanded experiences, expanded/feelings, expanded/perceptions and expanded/consciousness and expanded/knowledge and expanded/Love and expanded/spirituality and expanded/wisdom/gnosticism , wich through the connection of everything in these multiverses through different means (tripple quantum entanglement, electromagnetic waves/induction, gravitational waves, atomic power, air, water, food and the sunlight, the stars and the earth we share, the supernatural, and God knows what else), and so the dissolvement between subjective and objective reality, points therefore to the opposit of total nothingness, the possible existence of eternity/infinity and Jah Allmighty and so all (!) possible and maybe impossible things imaginable, many worlds (parallel universes), many dimensions, many multiverses, many realities, including spiritual and divine realities and whatever realities, the abstract, and maybe so also the total nothingness/inversion of being and the concept of the almighty god who controls everything?
(the snake of infinity bites its own tail)

Maybe the Allmighty (the word itself says he/she/it can do everything) can somehow, somewhere maintain such a Nothing/Nothingness, just for some buddhist nothingness scholars, to show them what it is like?

The Void and Infinity


Double Slit Experiment ->
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<- Uncertainty Principle ->
<- Observer Theory ->
<- Consciousness at Creation ->
<- Meta Physics ->
<- Many Worlds Hypothesis + Many dimension Hypothesis + Many Multiverses Hypothesis + Cosmic Consciousness ->
<- (This Reality <-> Holographic Principle <-> Dissolvment of objective and subjective reality <-> fantasy/imagination/thinking/(expanded)perception/(expanded)consciousness/dreams) ->
<- (actio = rectio) ->
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<- Multiple Realities ->
<- Realities wich are not scientifical explainable nor do there exist any physicist/mathematical Structures to explain itself to itself or to others but only experiencable…….. ->
<- God/Spirit/Souls/Supernatural/eternity/infinity ….