Serve the Lord

How do you want to serve the Lord, if you all lead wars against each other.

Evolution – Angel

If according to near-death-experiencers, the evolutionary step from ape to human beings was made through human souls influencing the ape creatures and merging with them, is the next step in evolution if according to NDE'ers and my own experience angels are guiding our paths, the step to loving angelic beings (unconditional love) and merge with them, and them agape angels help and love everywhere, and then further to energetic god-like infinite beings?

Delusion, Reality and Schizophrenia

A Delusion or misperception of Reality is defined by psychiatry and psychology as being stuck in one special alternate reality, and so defined as being a sickness or schizophrenia! So if you look at normal regular people, them only perceiving the everyday reality, could that be seen as being delusional and sick or schizophrenic? You guess, greetings, Rainbowguardian!

Humanity and 1%ers

The 1 %ers of Humanity and their followers are evil, they even don't want to save their own planet, they are lazy capitalist blackmagic fascistoid bums (see e.g. Bible and Talmud), they hate themselves for being themselves, they even don't like that they are all pedophiles (It is in our genes, I saw a documentary about weazels impregnating their baby's, iow what you don't like in yourself, you can reflect in others), or psychic or whatever single human doesn't like about themselves. And great parts of humanity (reflecting the thirst for power and other shit in them hoping for trickle down) without questioning them, follow them.

Positive and/or Natural Psychedlica

Positiv and/or Natural Psychedelica (see Alternative Medicine Page) are good for your omnist spirituality, multi-cosmic perceivance and communion with the daimonions, the ghosts, the spirits, the angels, the avatars, the arhats, the bhodisatvas, the gurus, the spirit, the Dao and dear good God Allmighty master of the all-and-all eternity/ininity!

Free Market

The concept of the free (!) market (it actually means you can do what you like) is based on irrationality, as it can be seen in the capitalists manipulating and pushing governments and the customers (market) from hemp fibers/paper, which are more ecological, because hemp don't need no 30 years of growth, to cellulose(tree) paper and artificial fibers like nylon, which caused a lot of ecological poisoning. It can be also now seen as in paying for negative (!) interests! Or as it is seen here in germany the pharma industry lobbyists threatening the politicians not to publish a medicine negative list, which actually worked out for pharma!

Prophetic Dreams / Déja Vu

One explanation might be that according to nde'ers, when you commit suicide out of selfish motives, you have to go through the same situations that brought you to that suicide and therefore are somehow allowed to remember these situations. Another explantations for Déja Vu might be, that you might have had prophetic dreams, that fullfil somehow and that you remember soemhow during Déja vus, as somehow refer to the dreamer (astral body) draming the dream (this realities manifastation of the (astral) body), and so also maybe dreaming "forward".

The bad side of spirituality

If you have attacks on you, may it be from bad spirits or sorcerers, you can ask them in the name of (if you have the given authority by Jah or the avatar) or with the help of the avatar that suits your faith (maybe Jesus Christ), and in the name of or with the help of the allmighty, to cast out these evil beings or ask for their name, so you can with the help of their name cast them out yourself, or defend against them (see my spiritualized healing page)