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„Spirituality does not come from organized church.
It comes from our soul and many other things.
We must stop confusing organized church and spirituality.
Organized Church and related is a set of rules, regulations, and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people spiritually.
Due to human imperfection organized church has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle.
Spirituality is not university theology or authoritarian ideology.
It is simply a way of life, pure and original as given by the Most High.
Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the cosmos and each other.“

(Haile Selassie I/Rainbowguardians)
Love is all you need


Regarding god’s status as the ALL-mighty (Omnipotent), meaning capable of doing and loving everybody and (almost(?)) everything and also feeling everything.
Is he/she/it also capable of not only loving the sinner but also the sin but chose love as the highest principle,
because he/she/it feels our suffering from our sins so chose love as the highest principle because he feels our suffering derived from hurting sins and has compassion with living beings?


God is love

God is the ALL-mighty!
He/She/It is the Master of the All-and-All!
HE/SHE/IT hears, sees and feels everything,
it is so all-mighty that he loves us ALL unconditionally,
because it created us as parts of itself!


the almighty is love!
Its love is agape (unconditional)!
Can s/he even love Adolf Hitler, Trump or Satan? 

Allahu Akbar

God is the ALLmerciful, the most gracious of all.

Jah knows

Before Jah nothing is unknown, Jah know everything.



All paths with love are paths to be found Jah all mighty and towards Jah all mighty god can be, Amen


God, eternity/infinity and the immortal astral light

In my encounter/vision with/of God, I was revealed, that god put its light into everybody and (later I learned also in) everything that was created.
So in the light of eternity/infinity, is there something like the highest/god, or is everything equally precious, and therefore the saint as equal as the sinner as equal as the germ as equal as God?

Though in this light, everything is also special, because of the light of God, spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and some darkness, that through re/incarnations was laid upon us through the Tao/Jehovah (the jealous creator god of this universe, that was conceived through light and darkness [see gnosis]), so that everything is only distinguishable through its karma, its spiritual age, intensity of spiritual vibration and the special missions that everybody/the all-and-all has towards enlightenment of the darkness, that doesn’t exist because it is Maya (even in the darkest dark, there can be found some shimmering light even if it may not be perceived), and that the all-and-all gets enlightened by love and light. (Maybe everything possible is allowed to exist somehow somewhere).

Is it like the Hindus say, that God is dancing an eternal dance with itself to enlighten itself?

Is eternity/infinity equal to god equal to the immortal astral light?

immortal astral light

God, Maya, and Tao

The Tao is yin and yang, the opposites, good and evil, light and darkness, etc., so the almighty is everything/the all-and-all and is especially light and love but also darkness and who knows what else, and created Tao for this multiverse, especially for newly born/created souls, which (tao) is Maya/illusion, because when i realised/perceived that everything, also the night, is flooded with astral light, maybe there is even total darkness which God created but maybe doesn’t exist, only Jah knows , and also evil can lead finally to good things, and everything is fed by love, and also the dark beings in dark realms, are also fed by soft astral love light, otherwise they wouldn’t exist, so the almighty let tao (which is Maya/illusion) exist, so that everything can, through experiencing love and light and darkness/evil, especially newly born souls, elevate and learn better ways than evil ways, and finally find to the almighty eternal astral love peace light!



Everyone/thing’s spirited and alive and possesses its own spirituality, and no one should impose their own spirituality on anyone or anything else.

Everyone/thing’s spirited


If God is everything (like the Hindus say), then it’s also the rapist, the child molester, the atheist, Adolf Hitler, and of course the victim itself, the sain, the guru, the sanyasin etc. Some NDE’ers and Baba Ram Dass say, that sometimes even rape or murder is inevitable and part of karma action, as you pick some situations and the outcome before birth, in order to learn something out of it!

Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

One might think that god may be a kid that does whatever falls into his mind out of arbitrariness, but where does god has its ideas from or is that some wicked plan?

But the Angels told me that the human aspect of the infinite eternal all-knowing principle that is called the almighty, likes surprises and to surprise itself and therefore grants free will and therefore exist secrets and the corrective (also implanted into creation/humans) correcting even the Almighty.
I know because god and I laughed really hard about some jokes god and I made.
If he would know them before (all-knowing) he probably wouldn’t have laughed that hard!

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

The Principle of the Godly Parents

The possible fact the Godly Mother giving birth to the Universe, and the Godly Parents taking care, loving and tendering and giving a home, for long times, to creation and the evolving children, namely the beings of whatever kind, reflects in simple things like when maybe a mother prepares pickles in the fall, with long hours of work for the winter, that the father has gardened during spring and summer and fall, and with that showing their unconditional love for their children, and we lovingly enjoying the pickles in winter, and having a taste of the godly parents principle!

mother-godly parents
mother-godly parents

Women and God

Do women have a special and greater connection than men to the spirit world and so to the almight, because of their uterus (channel) and the property to give birth to children.
Maybe if they conceive children and give birth, they somehow should have a connection to the other side, or a channel to the above, because they not only receive the body of the child but also especially the soul!

Women in the Dao

Women are the stronger gender than men, because of their capability of pregnancy and birthgiving and their seemingless endless energy of keepeng the family (together) and working etc., and maybe just simply also because they on an average live longer than men!

pregnant_elf_Women and God
pregnant_elf_Women and God

The Ultimate Tao of all Worlds/The all-and-all

The Beginning

If the nothing – nothingness is the void or the nonexistence of everything (!) possible and impossible, also the nonexistence of time, space, matter, energy, life and its principles even false vacuums and all abstract /thoughtforms and the concept of the almighty god and eternity/infinity and so the possible nonexistence of anything (!) ever (!) existing in the past, the now and the future (see time), and also the nonexistence of the notion, the definition, the concept and the nothingness itself, so that absolutely nothing exists, neither the observer of this multiverse, nor the multiverse, nor nothingness, not even thoughts about or the presence of anything including the nothing/ness, the multiverse, science, spirit/uality, the abstract and the concept of the almighty itself and eternity/infinity.

But as we experience ourselves, the existence of something, our thoughts, fantasies, feelings, dreams and expanded/perceptions and expanded/consciousness , wich through the connection of everything in these multiverses through different means (quantum entanglement, electromagnetic waves/induction, gravitational waves, atomic power, air, water, food and the sunlight, the stars and the earth we share, the supernatural, etc.), and so the dissolvement between subjective and objective reality, points therefore to the opposit of total nothingness, the possible existence of eternity/infinity and so all (!) possible and maybe impossible things imaginable, many worlds (parallel universes), many dimensions, many multiverses, many realities, including spiritual and divine realities, the abstract, concept of the almighty god, and maybe so also the total nothingness/inversion of being?
(the snake of infinity bites its own tail)

Maybe the Allmighty (the word itself says he/she/it can do everything) can somehow, somewhere maintain such a Nothing/Nothingness, just for some buddhist nothingness scholars, to show them what it is like?

Lazy Eye

What if?

Infinity/eternity <-> allready changed <-> Creation in full action

Important things for a healthy spirituality

Eating, drinking, and sleeping
Sometimes fasting
Prayers and meditation
Reading of Sacred Books
Intuition (heart)
Thinking (mind)
Sometimes no words
Sometimes some spiritual Plants of the Gods
Friends and family
Connecting with people
Connecting with nature
The New
Loving Life



Crown (seventh) chakra
Connection to God, Avatars and Angels
omni color
Protection and Guidance
Top of the head

Forehead (sixth) chakra
Connection to the Spirit/world (Spirit chakra)
purple color
Third eye („Seeing“ and „Hearing“)

Throat (fifth) chakra:
Prophet chakra
blue color
Speaking of prophetic words

Lung/Heart (fourth) chakra
Love/Soul (Spiritual Heart) chakra
green color
Burning Love

Sun/Heart (third) chakra
World/People/Love chakra
Love/Sympathy/Connection to the world/people/cosmos
yellow/golden color
Solar Plexus

Bladder (second) chakra
Spiritual orgasm chakra
orange color
Physical moving/work

Base/root (first) chakra
red color
Root to the earth
Grounding and physical love-making

Rainbow Chackras

Most part of the known and also chakras is some sort of energy or condensed energy, but there’s a level of supernatural reality that’s consciousness and spirit, and I don’t know if that is much of worldly energy, but maybe something totally different!

Physical Energy

We received at birth only a certain amount of physical/organic/chi energy from spiritual mother earth/universe, our channeling parents at time of sex/conception, and from dear good god allmighty.
(Bible paraphrased: „God gave us a live like the lenght of a cubit…“ [and maybe only god or who knows who can take away or ad to that length of life])
So use your energies wisely.

Be also careful how you project your energies, try not to go haywire with your energies/projection, and try to control them, and maybe like the budhists say try some mindfulnes meditation for control of your thoughts/energies, and that you don’t lose to much of you energies at once to save them for your earthly mission, but if you maybe need some extra so ask dear good god or the universe/mother nature and eat and drink some.

Black magicians also abuse positive things of this multvierse, also e.g. the fact that thoughts can form abstract enrgy constructs, them e.g. building with their thoughts swords and fighting/trtying to kill you, of course you can take countermeasures and with your visualization build some defense whatever you can think of.

My way of meditation
(Healing, Cleansing, Consolidation and Astral Travel Meditation
(especially for „Psychos“),
best conducted in the dark
(it is allowed to use “psychedelics” (see spiritualized medicine page) as aids)

First, turn on some good vibration music.

Next light some candles and light some incense.

Then turn off all electric lights and devices, except the music.

Find a for you comfortable spot, preferably a couch or sofa.

Sit cross-legged on that spot, and lean your back, as straight as possible (don’t force it),  against a cushion.

Now lay your hands on each other with the palms up, and put them close to your base and second chakra (grounding)

Now close your eyes, breathe softly, and say a prayer to your guardian angels, that they may guide you through the meditation process.

Turn of your mind/thinking.

Now relax and open up to the universe

Now you can lay your hands, palms up, on your knees and tip each of your fingers together with the thumb (closing inner energy circles and receiving energy from all around)

Inhale good vibes and the light of God and exhale bad spirits and energies and the hurt
and let the angels guide you through astral realms!

Connect with the holy spirit and god!

At the end of the meditation, you can wash your face and head symbolically with light from the source of all-and-all and mother earth for down coming.

Some Mudras to use during Meditation!
earth-hour-candle meditation
earth-hour-candle meditation
Soul retrieval

If you feel as if your little soul (child self) due to traumatic physical accidents, other traumatic psychological accidents or traumatic spiritual accidents, and therefore are feeling sick or disoriented or frightened or somehow otherwise disabled by it, I recommend a soul retrieval.
If you lost your „big soul“ (higher self or astral self) immediate action should be taken in retrieving it, because according to Peruvian shamans this can be a life-endangering situation.
A soul retrieval is best performed by a chosen in its community known shaman, healer or witch, but if you have no access to a shaman you can try and conduct a soul retrieval by yourself as described as follows:

You can use the above Meditation which you can perform with a slight variation:
If you say the prayer to your guardian angel, tell it in the prayer that you want to restore your soul or to find your little or your big soul again. Then revisit the situation where you know or felt the incident happened in your mind by visualizing the situation. If you can’t think of that situation if you’ve forgotten or don’t know exactly where or when it happened, empty your mind and wait for the angels to give you the picture/vision of that situation. Now breathe in („the situation“) the pieces of your soul or ask your angel to get the lost pieces in order to fix you and breathe out the hurt, pain and bad energies. Repeat that as long as necessary. If you feel better and done, slowly come to an end of the meditation and say praise and thanks to your angels and dear god.

Maybe drink something you like most (maybe not alcoholic beverages) and try to sleep a little.

Healer search site

soul retrieval
soul retrieval
Channeling up (oobe) and down (energy) and channeling beings from other realms

Channeling can go both directions, up which resembles an out of body experience, and down which resembles an energy channeling into your body and/or the world/ earth around you and last is beings channeling.
You might want to try the channeling techniques during the “My way of Meditation…”-meditation (which is described on my site) because it gives you some kind of security experiencing extreme states of consciousness.

First the easier technique of channeling down (energy channeling):
In the prayer, to the angels, you can tell them your wish and ask them helping you trying to channel energy into your body and/or the world/earth. After the prayer and calming your mind, visualize a channel opening from heavens down to your crown chakra and ask God to send some healing energy for you and the world/earth, guide that energy into your body and through your chakras into the world and through your root chakra into the earth.

Second is the channeling up (oobe) which you might not want to try with other techniques such as channeling down, because you might get confused, and it is also very difficult to perform:
Tell your wish in your prayers to the angels and after calming down your mind, visualize a bigger channel opening up above your head, big enough to “climb/fly” through. Now ask your angels if they might want to help you leave your body and “climbing”, if you’re “shy” about it, or “flying” through the channel into astral realms, and also help coming back into your body.

The third channeling technique requires a little more effort (psychedelika are allowed), before the trance / meditation you should put on your shamans or other sacred dress, put on your protection and spiritual connection amulets, maybe rings and bracelets and your shamans or other sacred head gear (eg hat with feathers / Bandana). You possibly need someone who writes down or remembers your mediations, but if you’re alone go merely into semi trance to remember yourself the channeled mediations from the deamons (which want to repair their karma) ghosts, spirits, angels or whatever being. During the meditation tell your wish to the spiritual world and keep breathing more deeply almost like hyperventilating than breathing softly. Let the being enter your body or connect with your “antennas” (11 dimensional brain) to the being. When the channeling mediation is over you will slowly reenter the every day world.

These channeling techniques can also be used for spiritual healing!

Chakra cleansing(work)

If you feel sick or „dirty“ in your main chakra system, it may not be even in your main chakras but possibly also in your side-chakras, you can conduct the following little chakra cleansing ritual:

You may be sitting, lying or even standing, that is not too important, but you should be in a relaxed state of mind.
Now form a „claw“ with your hand as if you were holding a ball. Preferably start with your base chakra. Move that „claw“ counterclockwise („being the chakra the clock“) in front of the chakra to be cleansed and visualize the „sick“ or „dark“ energy being sucked into that „claw“. If you feel the chakra being cleansed throw that bad energy into the universe and let the universe get the rest of the job done.
Finally, now you should „heal“ or fill your chakras with light. Form a flat hand and move your flat hand clockwise („being the chakra the clock“) in front of the cleansed chakra and visualize light and the to it belonging color according to the rainbow chakra system channeling from your crown chakra through your spine, arm and hand, floating and filling your cleansed chakra.

Possibly repeat that with all main chakras and maybe with all side chakras.

(Smoke a ciggie afterward 😉 )

avatar chakra work
avatar chakra work
Kundalini Meditation

If you want to heal your Karma and try to activate your chakras in order to get somehow “enlightened” (Baba Ram Dass says, that sometimes it takes more then one lifetime to get really enlightened) you might try a Kundalini Meditation which is described as follows:

You might wanna try “My way of Meditation…”, but leave out the parts with the “psychedelics” and the part with “good vibes music”, and try the meditation sober and in total silence.

When it comes to the prayer to your angels part, ask the angels in the prayer to help activate your chakras and put some light according to the colors of the rainbow into your chakras and guide you further through the meditation process.
Also, you should use the following breathing technique (circular breath):
Breathe deep through your nose and visualize guiding the breath from your nose to your third eye on your forehead further to your crown chakra and then down your spine in your back along the chakras in your spine down onto and into your base chakra, and then breathe out softly, guiding your breathe from the base chakra in front of your body along your main chakras to and out your mouth.
Repeat that as often as it “feels” good.
You also should have had some “psychedelic” experience, maybe with the Mazatek Velada (described on my “spiritualized ‘psychos’” and “spiritualized medicine” pages of my blog site), and accompany your meditation trys, with studying of holy scriptures to also prepare, repair and heal your mind, so that you are prepared and don’t get overwhelmed by the experiences of a Kundalini awakening, because a Kundalini awakening might be accompanied by extreme experiences of visions and maybe out of body experiences or other extreme experiences (e.g. NDE).

So the Kundalini Meditation somehow is the “Rolls Royce” of meditations and highly energetic and so after the meditation, you might maybe want to smoke a ciggie or drink a valerian root tea for calming and coming down.

(Of course, the Meditation possibly won’t enlighten you the very first time!)

kundalini meditation
kundalini meditation
Meditation and Quantum Entanglement

Maybe there can be a quantum entanglement in the body while meditating on the self and god,
that leads to a synchronization of all quants in the body (synchronization of cell quanta),
so healing the body (as God being a healing principle),
and even changing the quanta state to energy status (God is light and love) and so transforming the body to energy being status!

(You might want to try quantum meditation, while meditating with my version of meditation, in asking the angels to synchronize your quants.)



Dreams are almost like near death experiences.

My Angels call it little death.

That’s why some spirits and /or ghosts say that you have to die a little.

❤️💜 Love my Angels and spirits and ghosts and good daimonions💛💙

Prophetic Dreams / Déja Vu

One explanation might be that according to nde’ers, when you commit suicide out of selfish motives, you have to go through the same situations that brought you to that suicide and therefore are somehow allowed to remember these situations.
Another explantations for Déja Vu might be, that you might have had prophetic dreams, that fullfil somehow and that you remember soemhow during Déja vus, as somehow refer to the dreamer (astral body) draming the dream (this realities manifastation of the (astral) body), and so also maybe dreaming „forward“.

Evil synchronicity

Can arise when you are walking your loving righteous path and evil forces strike in in your work at right / wrong time and disturb you of your peace.


If you are lonely or don’t know how to further your life, you can always take up conversations with the spirits, angels and dear good god, they are always there for you (from eternity to eternity), and so you can ask for advice or companionship. But don’t be overhelmed if they answer or appear! Sometimes if you not already have the gift of hearing and/or seeing, they answer in different forms, for example, that a relative or friend calls you in the vicinity or maybe something else, look for signs!

Solitarity (of Introverts)

Nobody is ever alone, there are always „angels and sailors“ and spirits and ghosts and Gods.
Total solitarity is seldom and can be painful and deadly.
Bibel says, you shalln’t be alone.
Pray to the positive forces for help and company and guidance if you feel alone.
We love you all.


You can learn from everybody and everything and every situation!

Jah Live!

Christian Proselytization

Jesus Christ said somewhere in a new testament scripture paragraph that his disciples shouldn’t evangelize!

A Yogi about consciousness

Consciousness – the final frontier
Consciousness – the final frontier

Dada Gunamuktananda:  Yogi and Meditation Teacher

Bio: Dada Gunamuktananda has trained in meditation, yoga and natural health sciences in Australia, the Philippines and India. He has been a meditation teacher of Ananda Marga since 1995 and has taught and lectured on meditation in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. www.anandamarga.org
Title: Consciousness : The Final Frontier

Synopsis: The exploration of inner space, our own consciousness, is ultimately connected to our discovery of outer space. Just as the world becomes a smaller place with increase in communication and transport technology, so the universe becomes a smaller place with the increase in meditation technology!)


Some spiritualist, maybe even some Buddhists, but at least most of the nde’ers, claim, that thoughts manifest in one form or the other, but mostly in energies or other manifestations of energy (vibrations).
An analogy in science would be that thoughts are quanta states of nerve quanta and can be a waveform (energy), and thus have, through quantum entanglement, an influence on the world and on other people

That is also why a lot of the new age and spiritual and Buddhist etc. people recommend a mindfulness meditation, in order to control oneselves thoughts, and make the world a better place, by not influencing it with negative thoughts.
Maybe we should influence it with positive thoughts, and out of it following positive actions.


Bhakti Yoga and Cooperative Anarchism

Bhakti Yoga, serve the god in the other person, because everybody’s from God and is part of it, is the perfect cooperative love anarchy, because cooperative anarcho-communism means to serve the other person in the commune in love!

Bhakti Yoga and Cooperative Anarchism
Bhakti Yoga and Cooperative Anarchism

Some Questions to ponder/philosophize/meditate about

Why did the almighty “create” a Multiverse?

Was there ever a beginning/a big bang of the Multiverse, or did it exist “since ever”, just in different states of being?

What was/became the Karma of all the Beings, the Multiverse and of God, regarding such a “Creation”?

Is an anthropocentric worldview justified, regarding such questions about the Multiverse, God and its Karma, and regarding a possible eternity/infinity?

Isn’t it a little bit arrogant from humans, to assume that an anthropocentric philosophy is valid and that they regard themselves as so important?


Nothing is normal!  A Koan <-> Non-Koan !

Nothing is impossible! Koan <-> Non-Koan


Excourse in Gnostic(ism) (Insights)

(It was not religion that pushed me into gnosticism but the hippiculture.)

I think that all religions have at least (one or more) some kind of truths in them because they are all inspired by the Almighty and the fact that every religion claims ‚transcendent‘ experiences. It’s part and parcel of the voodoo that they peddle, deriving from („crazy“) prophets and saints having such gnostic/transcendental experiences/revelations of/from God.
And because people having some kind of intuition for truths, the religions came to prosper, but the Almighty, like creating different religions for different cultural contexts, since they are different but self-reflecting out of a holographic multiverse principle, and god creating us in its own image, and like the Hindus say god is everything and wants to maybe experience everything, and reincarnates into different aspects of itself (different races, beings like plants and animals) (trying to get enlightened or not).

And no, god for sure isn’t realistic. If you would know the other side or the other side of tao, it can also be totally irrational, abstract, crazy, supernatural
(„Dreaming permits each and every one of us, to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.“ William C. Dement)

That is being of the holographic self-imaging principle, God also reincarnating as crazy people and enlightened saints (Jesus) (Tibetan Buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same, and some sources depict prophets and saints as being totally nuts), Hindus say god is in an eternal dance with itself to get enlightened about itself but on the other hand don’t want to get enlightened about itself, according to the yin, yang Tao principle
(Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” (and I know bc of my own experiences with God because enlightenment could destroy Brahma the dark dreamer god)).

So at least in this multiversal reality god is actually the yin, yang, tao principle (darkness light etc) (see gnosis, the jealous creator god, that was conceived out of light and darkness), maybe that (Tao) being even the ultimate reality, but who knows what the almighty all-and-all principle has in store (like unfathomable other multiversal realities we can’t even imagine)
(I dreamt of other realities/universes, so it is also possible that we actually know really tiny bit about the all-and-all, like Isaac Newton said: what we know is just a drop of the ocean, that we don’t know)

But I take refuge in the fact, that God sent us his masters, and them being a signpost to enlightenment/salvation/freedom/and finally eternal peace and healing and that there might be an afterlife of peaceful unconditional bliss love.

I can even respect demons, since God created everything, and in my vision of God, I know that he put his light into everyone/thing, but is also the darkness
(Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”), but sometimes it is even too far out for me (see below and above)

Actually, when I met god it didn’t introduce itself with a name (sometimes I think it is the unnameable fathomless) but I call him/her/it the love-light dear good god.

It is also always a definition of supernatural, though Christianity knows of that, but seems to see it as natural, though I call Jesus walking on the water supernatural happening.

And there’s no gnostic thinking only gnostic being (like experiencing God, gnostic, translated meaning „‚Knowing‘ of God“) because the gnostic scriptures (Nag Hamadi library) derive from Jesus and his disciples having nde’s or other divine experiences/revelations (the supernatural).

Some keep hammering away at dropping one’s personal storyline and that including everything like one’s predisposition to either love or hate or anything else that keeps bolstering one’s voluntary addictions to safety/security/survival.
Goswami Kriyananda once said that even compassion must be dropped, and Nisargadatta Maharaj once said to reject absolutely everything including your consciousness. Every experience that one clings to, no matter what it entails, adds to the security addictions of the temporary human dynamic and should be set aside in order to see what is prior to the human aspect.

All fine and good I say, but the initial problem is that we are seemingly incarnated into a physical body, though some philosophical thought experiments give other perspectives, and with that comes pain, and love, and hate, and joy, and bliss (etc.), and the principle that programmed that into us for some reason, only the principle knows why and has maybe a reason to do so.
Now if we drop off all that (= total detachment), then the ultimate consequence could only be suicide (detachement from body), or maybe the total nothingness, though the programme somehow has also the function of fear of death/suicide and of total nothingness/annihilation (survival instinct) for some reason.
Me thinks that the Almighty has reserved that (total nothingness) for special people which were really tested/tortured really hard and suffered a lot and so deserve a total peace, why that is so, is maybe because of some reason lying beyond the the beginning of all times in another space/realm/reality/world, which maybe is due to them not taking part in the fall from grace.

Zen says that there is nothing to fear.

Then I say Zen doesn’t know the total horror of painful total annihilation counter to karma.

Total annihilation, as I glanced to experience it, is total horror and Zen doesn’t know what is all possible, even the aspect of eternity and infinity and the real you and the multiverse are sometimes in danger of destruction, that’s why the total horror, and in one of my blog posts I spoke of that (the falling from grace) and Lucifer probably creating the greatest evil ever before all times (biting from the fruit).
I even had some thoughts and visions about that, like it was so horrible what Lucifer did, that God created the multiverse (as some kind of prison) so that everybody (who was involved) learns to be a good angel again!

But Lucifer being stubborn, now trying to destroy the multiverse, still wants to destroy the principle of all-and-all, and install an inversion of being, because of his ego, though the joke is god made him like that.

Like the daughter of a witch told me that, everything’s possible, and like in a Toyota advertisement stated, nothing’s impossible!

But sometimes I think that might be the Japanese kind of humor putting a Koan, a non-Koan (nothing’s impossible) into advertisements.

A good picture of lucifers evil action is that maybe in this blissful spiritual realm before all times and creation, he raped and murdered the female human form of the almighty the goddess, maybe being only a tiny bit of his evil.

That is maybe the reason why we in this realities heaven have no genitals according to nde’ers.

I had also a vision that Jesus already came and left with the true believers and the new Jerusalem into true and real spiritual heavens and left us in this fockin hell with ourselves and the lord not caring anymore!

But I had a conversation with Jesus and he told me he would never leave us alone and also reflecting (an urge from an unknown place) my visions they were kinda really dark missing the divine light or something so I surmise they could have been a projection by the enemy!

My conclusion is that in the light of all-and-all and maybe everything is a part of some possible existing reality,
and god being all-and-all,
but also regarding the lore of the almighty (Shiva), non stop creating and destroying multiverses,
and from the Egyptian book of the dead, the universe giving birth to itself,
and the survival instinct, deriving out of a possible annihilation of all-and-all,
and the self-reflecting holographic multiverse principle,
and god put us in the garden of Eden (multiverse) to take care of it,
I conclude, that we can be careless, because of the omnipotent principle of god, but also be careful, because of the fragility principle of creation (possible annihilation of all-and-all) (yin, yang, Tao).


Doped Semiconductors and the Universe

A semiconducter (basic structure of the cpu, so to say an artificial some kind of brain) gets doped to make it function the way it functions, it is like they say, it gets dirtied in some kind, so to say it gets an „error“ inside (opposed to normal conductors) to make it function properly. According to the holographic principle (see quantumentanglement etc.) could we say that people have or make mistakes inside to make them function properly (learn out of mistakes etc.)? Is according to the holographic principle an error also built in the universe and and maybe into Yehova/Tao (gnosis [nag hamadi library] says yehova is the jelous creator god born from sophia [goddes of light and wisdom] and darkness)? Maybe the light is doped with darkness to function better?

ALL-and-ALL and Mysticism

Am I ALL-and-ALL?
I’m just reflecting parts of ALL-and-ALL, and ALL-and-ALL is reflecting parts of me! And i’m just a tiny fraction of the ALL!
I got the info that there could be things unimaginable!
I saw a picture of a world totally alien and it was a picture because they thought me not understanding it in whole or not having enough of that world in me to reflect or enter! So there you go!
This is a dualistic/non-dualistic world, but maybe there are worlds like saqure root of unimaginable! And see, Jesus he was the avatar of love, and Buddha the avatar of wisdom/enlightenment and them reflecting these special aspects, so methinks everybody is not the same so reflecting its personal self-aspects of ALL-and-ALL, so everybody is unique and special, but not the ALL-and-ALL, God would miss me if I would be destroyed or not existent , so that’s why the picture of the good Shepard, but god (ALL-AND-ALL) wouldn’t be destroyed therefor!

Mysticism is some kind of experiencing the unimaginable not ever understandable secret of ALL-and-ALL and bowing and shivering in awe/reverence before the great mystery, which also can be found in little things like we say here in Germany, she has that certain something!


Four Fold Dao

The Spirit told me, that there’s something like the 4 fold Dao, maybe begotten by or composed of the light,
something like,
eternity/infinity <-> no time passing -> nothingness <-> all times passing -> light <-> darkness -> unknown <-> the four sides of a spiritual psyramid ->
Dao First heaven (earthly heaven) -> second heaven/astral love heaven -> third heaven spiritual psychedelic heaven -> fourth heaven divine bliss unknown love psychedelic all-and-all heaven.


Excourse in enlightenment

Baba Ram Dass says that enlightenment takes time and probably won’t come in one lifetime.

But is the higher self not already enlightened?
Then what’s the use of the (normal) self itself, or the lower self (subconsciousness?)
Maybe it’s like Douglas Adams said in one of his books that enlightenment is useless, because if somebody groks the meaning of the all-and-all, that it instantly changes its meaning and has then a completely new meaning?
So is the search for enlightenment meaningless and futile?
Maybe we should just all sit on the porch and love each other?

But Tibetan Buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same.

So does it really matter if you’re enlightened or not?

I think George Carlin once said “question everything”.
Is that valid, regarding questioning one’s own existence?
Is my gut feeling right or should I question it?
Did Buddha question his own existence and therefore came to the conclusion everything’s a void?
But another translational meaning of nirvana is simply “love”. Are the nothingness scholars right? Or is Buddha similar to Jesus regarding unconditional love as the highest and goal of all struggling?
Maybe I should continue with Satanists, their highest goal is power over people.
If I was a little-simpleminded one could say they are the opposite to Jesus = love, therefore favoring hate (though they also claim that Satan is love).
If there would be a cult favoring hate, would that also be a valid world view, since there’s no proof for any worldview, and everything’s prone to questioning?

Is enlightenment the only worthwhile revolution that occurs, entirely, within oneself?

Okay, then in Hinduism, if you’re enlightened, you sit as a smiling and not anymore talking saddhu on the streets of Mumbai, and are fed by the bypassers, who still struggle with fascist capitalist democratic parliamentarism or the like, similar to Buddhism or other spiritual traditions.
Okay, you are enlightened and one with the all-and-all, because you see that all is Maya, and that all struggling is also a form of joy and love, and you experience everything, also the suffering of other beings, but you can’t talk anymore, because how can you transport such information/experiences that are beyond words with words, and so can’t start a revolution for other beings to reach such a state.
Then what is such a state worth, if you’re the only one who is in it, and could do it just for your self?
Isn’t that ego and therefore the opposite of enlightenment?
But if this guy could start a revolution, so that everybody would be sitting smiling enlightened on the streets, who would feed them?
Would they feed of astral light energy and the world would finally be saved?


If God created us in its own image, isn’t it futile to become like God or enlightened?
Aren’t we, because of the interpretation of that story, already like god and like god enlightened?
But the mormons told me that the garden of eden story god made a plan for us/his children to eat from the fruit because we are curious of the world and can’t withstand commands (not to eat the fruit) because we are like him (psychedelics) to evolve and get wise.
Should we actually really continue struggling for goals or anything like a path or higher consciousness?
Is life just a cosmic joke, and we should just like now stop with all the shit we do every day, thinking it has a purpose?
I’d like to have a beer right now but have no money!
Is that the meaning of life?

If a Buddhist groks the all-and-all and sees through Maya, s/he realizes that everything’s just a void,
if a Hindu does the same, s/he realizes everything is god dancing with its self,
nature people may say, every thing’s spirited and alive,
Taoists may say that everything’s the way or similar,
if a christian groks the all-and-all s/he might say that everything’s gods love.
Did they really grok the all-an-all and saw through Maya, since their findings are so different, or is there a reality/truth that’s beyond their insights and beyond words.
Or is that Maya too?
Will we know the truth, if we unite with Jehovah/Brahma/tao/nirvana/the all-and-all/whatever?
Or does there even come more or less?

Rise and shine

Friedrich der Große and his Experiment

Friedrich started an experiment to find out the importance of love and the impact of love withdrawal.
He let take 20 babies away from their mothers immediately after the birth.
He put them in a separated room with no contact to the world, and their nurses giving them no sign of love or the feeling thereof.
They only fed and quenched them.
After a few weeks of such treatment they died a brutal death of love withdrawal.
That experiment shows us how most important love is.
And maybe also the example of concentration camps or solitary confinement shows us, that the love between the inmates was/is more powerful, than the mal/nourishement or cutting of off connection to the world at the end of the death camp/solitary confinement.


Feeding of Gods Light-Love

I heard of a woman, who doesn’t eat and drink anymore, and she seems to feed of Gods love-light.
According to some experienced fasting people, after some weeks of experienced proper fasting, you are not hungry anymore and don’t lose any weight anymore.
So if you would keep up fasting beyond such a point and do it till the end of life, do one then feed of love-light, maybe like plants feed of sunlight?
In the book „Celestine Prophecies“ there’s a meditation technique revealed, where two people keep on loving each other unconditionally, until where they raise their vibration by loving each other to the point of becoming love-light themselves, does that implicate that (Gods) love-light (in my encounter with God I saw, that it put its love-light into everybody/thing, and due to karma exists in different vibration levels) is the most important, and that you can feed off that and become love-light yourself, or by loving each other, enter different states of consciousness and being (evolution to love-light beings [agape angels])?)

Feeding of Gods Light-Love

The Flux and The Corrective

People who are not influenceable, can’t follow the path, because they seem to be at the end of wits, like stones, but that is impossible because even the universe/the all-and-all and according to nde’ers even god is not static but in a self-regulating, self-reflecting and influenceable prone to change motion. Everything is connected to everything thus influencing each other even if it is just sublime. (Even stones can be ground by water!)

The most important question in this context, of course, is what or who or of what structure is such a force (flux/corrective) made, that even the almighty or the all-and-all is prone to alteration from it. Does it come from outside an all-and-all system, from an even higher place then everything possible and impossible existing, from a system that has actually no outside, because it is infinite or is such a changing force a natural thing implemented into the all-and-all, and so is some kind of natural law, and has to be seen as part of the all-and-all, and so also prone to natural laws or possible change?

If everything is relative or in flux, what is the corrective (flux compensator 😉 ) of the all-and-all, what changes the almighty, the all-and-all, the Tao, the evolution? Is it an outside force, though the all-and-all encompasses even that, is it the abstract, the unknown, the unfathomable unnameable, is it chaos-magic though all that should also be part of the al-and-all, and does it change also itself and the source of all-and-all and maybe the inversion of being, etc? Is it like nde’ers said like God creating the universe in a violent outburst, that some kind of unknown violent source from the almighty something abstract mystical unfathomable unnameable is the corrective, driving force of the flux, like if we must rub against each other, or like water washing the stones, to become beautiful like yooperlites.

The corrective could be god creating new souls and giving them earthly missions in order to evolve, and so god getting conscious/enlightened about itself (like the Hindus say), but if you look at eternity/infinity, then sometimes i think that everything’s infinite/eternal, also souls, so it maybe it doesn’t need enlightenment, because everything’s just perfect in case of enlightenment (higher self), or maybe it is a combination of both, a yin yang principle, and therefore need some kind of equilibrium of getting enlightened (enlightening god) and just being as you are (enlightened higher self)?

Though on another note, during a nightly session of neuroleptics, beer and coffee, me getting real high, someone tried to illuminate/enlighten the god-part in me (through the third eye), and it almost destroyed god/the all-and-all (in me?). So is it wise to enlighten god about itself, or does Brahma like it more to dream (and think) on like always?

Nothing is normal ! A Koan Non Koan !
Nothing is normal ! A Koan Non Koan !

Make me One with Everything – Buddhist/Total Detachment

Are we reincarnated from heavens onto earth, in order to learn detachment from desires, such as earthly experiences as well as heavenly pleasures and hellish sufferings?
Because to learn detachment in heaven from heavenly pleasure is more difficult, since there is no actual suffering under the influence of gods unconditional love, but on earth through suffering, also from earthly pleasures themselves, it is supposed to be a more easy approach to learn detachment, because of the suffering and its teachings.
The easiest detachment is of course of hellish sufferings!
Why we have to learn to detach from heavenly pleasures, and earthly experiences, or hellish sufferings etc.?
If the highest goal is to unite with god/the all-and-all, we should also learn to detach also from heavenly pleasures, earthly experiences, hellish sufferings, as well as other means of existence, as god is all, and in all, and therefore also experiencing suffering of its beings, therefore it is also the material part of the all-and-all, and so it should also be experienced, to learn unconditional love to all-and-all, and because earthly pleasures are connected with suffering, we therefore should detach from earthly experiences and also detach from heavenly pleasures, hellish sufferings, as well as other means of existence, in order to unite with god/the all-and-all, and unite with the existence of everything,
so that we don’t cling to special experiences of the all-an-all in the unification with ALL,
which is not only spiritual, but also material, and who knows what else, but can experience the unification with the complete full experience of everything at once.

Make me One with Everything


Are servants of the enlightened = buddha = serving God with their wisdom of love and compassion = nirvana = eternal peace!

“Special” Karma

Do have black-magicians, or other people that do evil things, maybe a “special” (whatever that means? forgivable?) karma, like the Tibetans accredit their butchers a “special” karma, because, like evildoers can teach you something, and like in tao, this has also some positive implications, like the butcher, on one hand, kills, but on the other hand at the same time feeds?

Gets me through
Regarding Karma

If we go way back into time, let’s say at the beginning of ALL times, what was the ultimate cause of All (of Karma) (Buddha said something like „…this is none of your business…“).
But looking at All from the point of everything being infinit/eternal, so that actually there was never a beginning, does there still exist karma or an ultimate cause?
Or maybe the only real thing is the
yin <-> yang ->
Tao principle ->
beginning of ALL times <-> eternal/infinit creation/existance ->
Karma <-> Non-Karma->
Tao of the all-and-all?

Turn! Turn! Turn!
Canceled out Karma

Someone on Usenet explained to me that there actually exist no Karma at all, neither for the single person, and in that sense also not for God that we are, nor for the holistic concept of the all-and-all, because the all-and-all is a self-regulating system and in that sense balances all its Karmas out, and so cancels them out amongst each others.
That means the all-and-all and therefore the in it contained elements like humans actually are Karma free.
Or is it in the Dao sense a duality/nonduality principle -> Karma <-> Non-Karma.
Or an example of unified karma, Adolf Hitler starting WWII, that led to the atomic bomb, that led to the creation of ARPA-Net, that led to the Internet and so to humans having access to massive amounts of info and non-info, and the possibility of worldwide discussion and a mutual fecundation of minds, consciousnesses and “souls”, resulting in a maybe worldwide revolution, or maybe an evolvement of humankind, stepping the ladder of evolution, or some kind of massive enlightenment of humankind.

Instant Karma

Some insights

Try to think positive (see the good side of negative situations).

Love the sinner, not the sin.

Variety is the spice of life.

Everything is connected to each other, all and all form a unity and a multiplicity.

They only have so much power over you, as much as you give them.
(See also in a greater context)

Sometimes you have to fight for your life!

And sometimes you have to run away from a fight!


Intuition tells you what to pay attention to.
Intuitive fear is natural and a good advisor.
Intuition teaches you good/positive attraction.

Try to overcome unnatural fear

It is important to connect to each other.

To achieve your goals you shouldn’t postpone tasks.

Listen to your angels and let them guide you.

Try to avoid to eat meat.
Juice gives you strength.

Almost Everything has its meaning and purpose!
(See also in a greater context)

My master said that you have to have to do what you feel to do, eating drinking sleeping dying tellywatching when you feel like that!

As little as possible.
As much as necessary.

Always be careful what you wish/ask for.
It might get answered.
But the laughing buddha only grants for the karma good wishes.

Order is half the life.

Better a little less than too much.

The Temple of all the children (young and old) is the world!

A warrior always loses his last battle.

Everybody has a place in the multiverse and in the multi-dimensions/-realities of the afterlife.

The shortest path sometimes is not the best path!

Not everything is equally important!

Never forget to think!

Everything and ALL is important, though some-things may not be as important as other things!

Because all of creation is sacred you should honor all of creation!

Nothing is final.
(A koan <-> A non koan)

Try to help as much as possible but be careful with outbraving children young and old!

Variety is the spice of life

Some Things

Some things are just the way they are!
The Law!

Stop w(a)(o)r(r)(y)ing!

Worrying only leads to war!
Fear -> war (against self)!

Stop w(a)(o)r(r)(y)ing!


Do not blindly believe what others say or write or project onto you!
See, feel, hear and think for yourself,
without fear of death and with humbleness towards god almighty,
what makes sense and brings contentment, clarity, peace, love, and light!
That should be the path for you to follow!



The teachings and paths belong to no one alone!
The laws should be natural, cosmic, spiritual and divine!
Kindness, love, compassion, and forgiveness are the highest!

golden-omni Dharma
golden-omni Dharma


Everybody springs from God, is special with a mission, has its medicine, uniqueness, and talent and deserves salvation!



What you don’t want to be done onto you, don’t do onto others

chill out

Space brothers and sisters

My shamaness in Huautla told me that our space brothers and sisters are watching us and protecting us because we are a young people, I also saw them two times and a friend of mine saw them on a mushroom trip in Franconia. Sometimes they put down their disguise shields so we can see them, or if you want to see them anyway maybe try some holy mushrooms and look into the sky.
I sometimes think they would even shoot down ICBM’s if some crazy looney would start a nuclear war, but allowed the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs as a future reminder for humanity to remember the devastatin destruction power and body count.


The aliens told me that humans are a very young people, and that therefor we should forgive them their mistakes!

spaceship-space brothers and sisters
spaceship-space brothers and sisters


As natural as possible.

As natural as possible

Spiritual Identification and its Sources

Spiritual people and especially “psychos” take refuge in identification with special categories of people and an identification with the subscribed traits.
These are e.g.:
Crystal child (connection to god, strong), Indigo Child (sensitive, humble, emotional), Star child/seed (wise, lightbeing), Rainbow child (Peace and Love), Angel (child) (god’s grace, love, goodness), Shaman, Healer, Witch, Sage, Mage, Mystic, Prophet, Saint, Lamb, Medium etc.
Spiritual people and especially “psychos” getting their Infos through visions, voices, other expanded perceptions and extraordinary thought constructs about such identifications mostly by the following sources:
Information transfer (telepathy) by the minds of people or their higher self/astral body/spirit/energy body or their lower self/subconsciousness, angels/spirits/demons either from this reality or heavenly or hellish spiritual realities from this multiverse including parallel dimensions or parallel universes or from other multiverses and their parallel dimensions and universes and of course from spiritual and divine realities, animals and plants and beings from said (s.o.) worlds, AI from said (s.o.) worlds (mostly radio or tv like apparatuses from higher dimensions), and of course from our dear good God (Tao/God/Cosmic mind), etc.


Ask Questions

Always ask questions, either facing the Tao of reality or the Tao of alternate and spiritual realities or the Tao of infinity, if the enemy questions you or your reality trying to conquer or consume you with twisting of the tao, but you have different knowledge or intuition regarding the tao and the enemy trying to destroy you. Trust yourself and your life experiences as part of the all-and-all/almighty. Facing the enemy and it trying to bring you of off your path, rely on your knowledge and question the enemy back.



Maybe an important number, four, like the four spiritual elements, fire, water, earth, and air, or the four cardinal directions and maybe the four divine qualities of spirituality, kindness, love, compassion, and forgiveness or like the four seasons.


The Mayan calender

The old Mayan calendar is probably the oldest and most accurate and ended on 21st December 2012. It was falsely covered as the end of the world by mainstream media, probably coming from an New Agers interpretation of the end of the calendar as the end of a bad age and the beginning of a new golden age, seeing it falling together with other end-time prophecies (Age of Aquarius, Nostradamus, Great cleansing of the Hopi, Hindu new Shiva Yuga, etc.), which some New Agers, comparing it to the literal interpretation of John’s Revelation, saw it coming with a catastrophe of some kind, though Armageddon also just means Change, and leaves the means of change to spiritual interpretations of the sacred scriptures.


Is a new Yuga (world life/time cycle) like prophesied in many religious/spiritual traditions arising?

Is now the time come when the light/love/spiritual force (might, power, Macht?), which is regarded by the angels, the lord and the “lovers” as the mightiest force, overcoming the dark/destructive hate/materialistic force = power, and in that context the dark force makes a last endeavor to rear up and fight the positive, like the Hopi prophesied a last big (war)cleansing, like in John’s revelation, if mankind doesn’t want to change, considering the uprising of fascism, materialism, and other terrorist forces?

Is it the end of Yin, Yang, Tao, resulting in eternal love and light?

new Yuga


It happens when the critical mass of people become aware, and the tide turns so that people don’t give any more power to the system! (100 Monkeys Effekt)

Second coming of Jesus Christ

Is the second coming of Jesus Christ meant more symbolically, as if in great parts of humanity a christ consciousness might be arising, fueled by newly found spirituality, the knowledge input overflow through the internet, and the arrival of over 30.000 masters on earth as a friend prophet of mine got the info from heavens?

Medicine wo/men and Prophets say

Everybody (!) is special and possesses their own medicine/talent/mission/uniqueness they can act out given by the almighty!
Supported by NDE’ers, my medicine wo/men I met in the Americas, my Angels and my experiences in life!

the secret Alchemy
the secret Alchemy

Has God got humor?

Mormons told me that also the fall from grace in the garden of Eden is within gods plan because God knew himself and his children being nosy and not able to withstand the temptation and his command not to eat the fruit of knowledge.
Spiritualists go as far as that god (secretly) wants us to evolve to the point of becoming like god and unite with it, that’s why God sent masters like Jesus, Buddha etc. you name it.
I know that God can make massive jokes, and maybe some things in the bible, like maybe the garden Eden story are some kind of harsh jokes on mankind, maybe also the following.

If you interpret the lines from johns revelation right:
„And their Seducer, The Devil, was cast into The Lake of Fire and Brimstone where The Beast and The False Prophet are, and they shall be tormented day and night for the eternity of eternities.“
(Revelation 20:10)
What does that mean, burning for the eternity of eternities?
It actually means they have always been (from eternity) and always will be (to eternity) in the fire pit, that means that they always were there and never were somewhere else, including heaven and earth and the multiverse.
And also if they never been written in the book of life(!), does that maybe, just maybe, mean, they actually never lived at all.

Has God got humor?


Always remember your roots, your history, your culture, ancient spirituality and where we came from!
Learn from it!
Learn also from others!

Hold on to your culture

Tao and so on

If the fathomless Tao is the source of all, what created the Tao and what created that creator, and on and on?
You could philosophize about that endlessly.
Lets’s say infinity/eternity is just there to enjoy it, so let’s get out on the balcony under the night sky and have a beer or a coffee or a splif or a ciggie or a glass of water, and let the all-and-all guide and let the spirit flow through you, and enjoy the night.

love infinity

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