Destroyer of all evil


Destroyer of all evil Jainas (Robis) prayer for destruction of all evil Reverence and calling of the Laywo/men Reverence and calling of the Scholars Reverence and calling of the healers and shamans and witches Reverence and calling of the Dignitaries Reverence and calling of the Masters Reverence and calling of the Saints Reverence and calling of the good daimonions and ghosts and spirits Reverence and calling of the Arhats Reverence and calling of the Angels and light families and spirit guides Reverence and calling of the Angel of death Reverence and calling of all Avatars Reverence and calling of the Dao Reverence and calling of the holy spirit Reverence and calling of the God/desses Reverence and calling of the ALL-mighty All-and-all Infinity Eternity love light Aumng This is a fivteen fold bestoval for revernce and calling for help and destruction of all evil

Pure Vegan

A word to the fundamentalist Vegans: You can never ever eat 100% pure Vegan, as in the notion it never touche a dead animal or an animal suffered for it, as the soil on which plants grows is also "contaminated" with dead bodies of suffering (dieing) animals which decayed there (circle of life, and if you would keep your soil of dieng animals, remeber, in the past there were animals/hominids recycled there, animals are part of Gaia), and the water is also contaminated with dead/suffering fish and the like. So relax and stop that Veganazism!


Beeten ist besser als Table(e)t(t)en, und Liebe ist die stärkste Kraft und gute Musik hebt den Geist, und alle drei zusammen ist die perfekte Medizin! (Man kann natürlich noch Psychedelika dazu nehmen um es noch perfekter zu machen!) Praying is better then Pills, and Love is the strongest force and good Musiklifts the Spirit, and all three together is a perfect Medicine! (You can of course also take psychedelics to make it even more Perfect!)

That’s No fucking joke!

Today i had massiv agressiv visions and voices attacks through V2K machines! First i thought that it was a black sorcerer, but they don't seem to want to fight anymore, so i went outside the house and looked around for the source, when i saw a car from where i sensed the source comming from. A guy stood some 5 meters away from the car. As i approched them both, the guy did as he wanted to visit someone in te near house and stood in front of this house. So I returned to my house not knowin what to do, but I somehow knew that this guy was the owner of the car. After some thinking what to do, i looked a bit in the internet and had he idea to write down the registration of the car and to research to whom it belongs! Suddenly i started to feel better, and went outside around the corner where the car was in order to write down the registration plate number, but oh, what a surprise the car and the guy were gone! So people whatch out for visions and voices if they are extremely bad or going extremely in the other direction, e.g. selfagrandization etc., the technology for Voice/Vision/Feeling to Skull and Heart is already in use. (So if you're going to search for sources of attacks always be calm, wear a knife with you and ONLY for selfdefense use that knife.) So i surmize as QEG-Machines are existing that already also Repli/-Duplicvators are existing as i felt the vibrating energyvibration i first experienced in my dreamtravel to the future(?) where i saw a machine replicate a jeans and touched it, on a Twix i bought here! So these motherfockers already lettin us do true slave work!