Slow Temple Prose

  • jd-salinger - sleeper
  • terry pratchett - sorcerer
  • douglas adams - alien
  • jrr tolkien and edith - hobbitse
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery - dreamer
  • rainer maria rilke - heart poet and prophet

„Find what you love and let it kill you“

(Charles Bukowsky)
birth cosmos

Omni colour

I’ll plant the blooming flower of a rainbow omni colour light fantastic,
in your third eye center of the universe.
Rainbow love colorfully omni world soul spirit.
Now, golden eyes shine, lookin‘ in the mirror.
Please look ahead far and near into the future!
What do You see?
Please answer me!
Ringing the bell!

Task Force

Ridin‘ a hound dog throughout the night
searching the blackened tunnels for a glimpse of light
a magic woman is calling and grabbing my sight
don’t know if she is feeling wrong or right
the beginning is where we should have started
I cried out about the lost hearted

where have you been my dearest friend
I waited so long until now
that is the end of wandering through the hopeless night
maybe together we’ll see the light
so long my beloved one


Shiva destroyed you so you can see what is supposed to be
beer will make you high so you can feel free and try to fly on the wings of passion and goodwill
but beware of the enemy
it sneaks behind a blind man’s fear
and fights you till there’s left no more
it wants no peace fighting is its passion
war of mind and heart is its possession
try to live peacefully and don’t be no warrior
smoke some splif like the teacher told ya

It’s a real man a voice told me
but the path to peace and love is binding him towards possessions

Is freedom achieved through peace he asked
and the gods answered him
did you look inside yourself the answer lies so close at hand
deep in the forest, he wants a man
that leads him to light and love and death and peace and life again
yin and yang he said is free will as it is on earth

you choose
where you want to go
what you have to learn
is that no one ever enlightens you if you don’t ask
because there are no stupid questions
just answers that want to be responded

your loving heart your spiritual mind
your hearing ears your talking lips your seeing eyes
and your beautiful self are good in your lovin‘ hearts face
some should be your guides to the goal that you defied
healing through hands needs a heart like this


Today the stars and the moon shine so soon

little child glowing
that is me
that I eat
that is gods meat
that takes me into deep
to a reality that is asleep

Amber golden light of the moon goddess leads to the end of the tunnel

Liquid Night

What a liquid night
locked in heavens
return to earth
waiting for a rebirth
I was born on a Sunday morning in heavens

I don’t know how many times
god knows how much pain I carry
he carries me and the angels guide me
mistaken by darkened desire


Blue, red and white she made it right
From near and far and everywhere the love is here to share
love and light and bright
it shines forever on the road to peace
is omni colour love magic light fantastic

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte comes and goes whenever and however she likes
Take a last dance with her, Dance, Dance, Dance ………..
And don’t fight her, Go, Go, Go with Santa Muerte ….
Into the far and wide Great Beyond…….


The morning is like the night,
is like moon,
is just like the evening,
is like the angels.

I love you,
you love me,
everybody see.



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